The price of iPhone has never been less. Due to being expensive, the iPhone is also seen as a states symbol in society. But meanwhile, the news is that you can get a discount of up to Rs 63,000 on the purchase of the new iPhone 12. Let’s say that the price of iPhone 12 in India is Rs 79,990, while the price of iPhone 12 Pro has been kept at Rs 1,19,000. Let’s know what is the condition of the company …

Great offers will be available on the exchange According to the official website of Apple, exchange offers are also running on the iPhone 12. If you choose the exchange offer to buy the new iPhone 12, then you can get a good discount in exchange for the old iPhone. For example, if you give back the old iPhone XR, you can get a discount of up to Rs 22,000. Similarly, 128GB handset of iPhone 11 can get a discount of Rs 34,000.

According to the information received on this phone , you will get a discount of 63,000 rupees directly, if you give an old iPhone 11 Pro Max phone to buy iPhone 12, then you will get a rebate of 63,000 rupees directly. That is, you have to pay only Rs 56,000 to buy iPhone 12 Pro priced at Rs 1,19,00.

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The exchange offer available on Android phones is also not such that the exchange offer is available only on iPhones to buy Apple’s new phone. You can also avail discount by giving Android phone. You can get a discount of Rs 6,045 on the old OnePlus 5.



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