iPhone vs Android: iPhone vs Android Face-off Video (iPhone vs Android Face-Off Video) has rejected the old debate about which phone works better. If someone likes to buy a mobile, he either buys a smartphone, otherwise he goes towards IAS (iPhone only). Both platforms have entertained their own fanbase over the years.

People consider the iPhone made by the tech giant Apple as technically superior and its camera the best, while Android users deny these things, they tell the advantages of their phones. At half the cost of the iPhone, they consider the smartphone to have more features.

Now, a video that has gone viral on Twitter has gone viral. Through Real Time Video, the user has told which of the two phones works fastest (Which Phone Works Faster). The video was originally created by TikTok (user) @ corylewis04. In a 33-second clip, an iPhone and an Android smartphone are put together. A user clicks on both of them simultaneously, to see which phone apps open faster.

He opens the apps in both phones simultaneously. He opens Twitter, Instagram and the popular mobile game among us. All apps appear in the smartphone before the iPhone.

The Twitter user shared the video on the microblogging platform and wrote in the caption, ‘Android will be better forever.’

See Video:

The iOS vs Android face-off video has gone massively viral on the microblogging platform, gathering over 24 million views and thousands of comments debating the pros and cons of both platforms.

Many Apple fans pointed to the superiority of iPhone cameras.

Many Android fans were seen defending their phones and giving such reactions on Twitter …



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