In the match played between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Mumbai Indians (MI), due to Ben Stokes’ best century innings, Rajasthan won by eight wickets. Kieron Pollard, who is captaining Mumbai in place of Rohit Sharma, praised Stokes.

In the match, Mumbai had set a target of 196 runs in front of Rajasthan and given the form of their bowlers, there was every possibility that she would easily defend this goal. But on the basis of Stokes’ unbeaten 107 and Sanju Samson’s unbeaten 54 runs, Rajasthan won the match by eight wickets.

The credit for this huge score of Mumbai goes to Hardik Pandya’s unbeaten 60 runs off 21 balls but his innings went away.

After the match, Kieron Pollard said, ‘I thought Hardik brought us into the match, but Stokes played a great winnings. Samson also. This wicket proved to be a good wicket in the end and there was some dew. It played according to their strength, but our opposition team played a great game.

The victory in this match would have brought the current winner Mumbai to the playoffs, but now Mumbai will have to wait.

Kieron Pollard said, ‘This will not affect our campaign much. We have three more matches right now. We have just played good cricket. Our bowlers tried but today was not our day.


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