IPL 2020: In the Indian Premier League, a few days ago a thrilling match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians (Kings XI Punjab Vs Mumbai Indians), where Punjab played Mumbai after playing two Super Over. Was defeated. The 36th match was played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. In the breath-taking bout, the highest headlines were by a mystery girl. Appeared on camera during the Super Over, the fans named her ‘Super Over Girl’. Now this mystery girl has been revealed. The name of this mystery girl is Riana Lalwani. She came to the stadium to support Kings XI Punjab.

The draw was between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians. Then the super over was also a draw. In the second super over, when Mumbai Indians scored 11 runs while batting first, the camera man rotated the camera in the stadium. His face was seen on the screen. Then she became an internet sensation on social media. People advised to award the camera man only. Many people shared his picture on Twitter and praised it.

The same super over girl is written in her bio on Instagram. She is also sharing funny mimes on Instagram Stories. Which are being made for them.

This is not the first time pictures of women fans in the stadium have gone viral. The same happened during the last two IPL seasons when spectators were allowed to watch the game.



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