New Delhi: From November 1, the new delivery system of LPG cylinder is going to be implemented. Home delivery of the cylinder will be done via OTP (One Time Password) from 1 November. You will not be able to take cylinders from the delivery buoy without mentioning OTP. But we are going to tell you about its subsidy (not delivery). At present, the government gives subsidy on 12 LPG cylinders in a year. The amount of subsidy goes directly to the bank account of the people. However, when the cylinder is purchased, the consumer has to pay the full amount. Later the subsidy is credited to the account.

However, many people do not check whether the subsidy of LPG has come in the bank account or not. While it only takes a few minutes. We are going to tell you how you can easily check whether the subsidy of cylinder has come in your bank account or not, there are two ways. The first is through a registered mobile number and the second is through the LPG ID, these IDs are written in your gas passbook.

Suppose you book a cylinder with IOC, this is the way for it.

In Czech with Indane LPG subsidy

1. First IOC’s official website visit
2k LPG Click on the photo of the cylinder, open a Kmplent box. Write ‘Subsidy Status’ there and click the proceed button
3. Click on the option of ‘Subsidy Related (PAHAL)’. Then come down where it will be written as ‘Subsidy Not Received’. Click it
4. A new dialog box will open, where there will be 2 options, registered mobile number and LPG ID.
5. If your gas connection is linked to mobile, select it, if not, enter LPG ID of 17 digits
6. Verify and submit after entering LPG ID
7.Fill various information like booking date, then you will see the information about subsidy
8. If you want, you can also get subsidy information from customer care number 1800-233-3555.

If you have booked a cylinder from HP or BPCL instead of IOC, there is a common website for this

Check through the common website

1. You visit
2. your 17 digits of LPG ID box
3. Fill registered mobile number, Captcha code Give and Grow
4 come to an OTP your mobile number
5. Your Next page Generate password by typing email ID

6. An activation link will come on the e-mail, click on it.
7. After clicking the link, your account will be activated.
8. After this you go to and log in.
9. If your Aadhaar card is linked to LPG account Then click on it
10. After this, the option of View Cylinder Booking History / subsidy transferred will be seen.

From here you will know whether the subsidy has been transferred to your bank account or not. The government gives gas subsidy to provide relief to the common man from the burden of expensive fuel. But it is available only to those whose annual income does not exceed 10 lakhs. If husband and wife together earn 10 lakhs then they will not get LPG subsidy. Indane currently supplies LPG cylinders to 9 crore homes. LPG cylinder subsidy is credited directly to the account of the people through PAHAL scheme.



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