Is Mastodon really an alternative to Twitter? Create your account instantly

The social networking service named after Mastodon, a giant animal that was extinct a few years ago, is being liked in India. In the last few days, many Indian users have been associated with it. Most of these users are from Twitter. However, Mastodon’s identity in the Internet world is as an alternative to Twitter. This is the reason that the word Mastodon is also trending on Twitter.

In 2016, Mastodon was developed by 26-year-old Eugen Rochko from Germany. When suddenly Mastodon is trending in India, he cheers and said that this is a very good thing. Welcome all.

Despite being a social site, Mastodon is very different from Twitter and other platforms like it. Due to its different way of working, it is more user friendly than others. It works on open source social networks. Mastodon does not control user data on a single entity site. This allows users to host their own server nodes in their network.

How to create an account on Mastodon?

  • First official website visit
  • Choose the “Get Started” option
  • Now select a server from “Category”. It will include General, Art, Technology, Food etc.
  • Then choose your preferred language
  • Then a list of servers will appear on your screen according to the category and language you have selected. Here, you have to select the preferred server and click on “Join”.
  • Now you have to fill some details like username, email id, password. Then click on “Sign Up”.
  • Lastly, you will have to verify the given email ID, for this you have to click on the link sent by Mastodon. Now your Mastodon account is ready for use.

However, the main reason for Mastodon’s trend in India is user anger against Twitter. Users have accused of bias on Twitter. On this, the campaign was also launched on Twitter. In fact, the account of senior Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hegde was suspended by the micro-blogging site for posting a viral picture of Hitler’s Nazi era. Twitter did not start the account even after Hegde’s request to restore the account. After this, all the users on Twitter started a campaign to boycott for 24 hours on 6 November.

Many big names also participated in this campaign against Twitter. However, Sanjay Hegde has now started an account on Mastodon. Many Indian scholars and activists have also turned to Mastodon.

However, Twitter India has now dismissed the allegations. Twitter said in its reply that Twitter never favors in implementing policy to product features or rules. We are fair and do not take action on the basis of any ideology or political viewpoint.


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