ISL 2020:Hyderabad win by skipper Santana's goal, defeat Odisha 1-0

Hyderabad FC defeated Odisha FC 1–0 in their first match in the 7th season of the Indian Super League (ISL). The only goal of the match was scored by Hyderabad captain Ariadne Santana, who was making his debut in the tournament. The Hyderabad team maintained their dominance throughout the match and won the match and conceded 3 points for their team.

Goal scored on penalty: Halicharan Narjare shot in the penalty area to Odisha captain Steven Taylor, after which Hyderabad got a penalty. On which Santana scored the first and only goal of the match by dodging goalkeeper Arshadip Singh.

Hyderabad also missed opportunities Hyderabad lost many good chances to score goals. In the 5th minute Luis Satre’s corner could not give the right direction. His header went off the post. Similarly in the 12th minute Nikhil Pujari could not score a goal by coming very close to the post. Hyderabad team took a good test of defense of Odisha in 15 minutes. Hyderabad gained 4 corners in the first 20 minutes.

Hyderabad took advantage of the pressure Hyderabad was able to benefit from the constant pressure to play. In the 34th minute, Odisha captain Steven Taylor hit a shot aimed at the post by Halicharan Narjare. At this the referee gave a penalty against Odisha. At the same time, Taylor was also shown a yellow card. Santana gave Hyderabad a 1-0 lead, scoring a penalty in the 35th minute.

In the ball possession, Hyderabad was named after the heavy first half Hyderabad. Hyderabad dominated Odisha with 55% in terms of ball possession. Odisha made 165 passes while Hyderabad passed 199. Nandakumar Sekar got a great chance in the 47th minute for Odisha to equalize, but he missed.

Hyderabad got another corner in the 53rd minute, but went in vain. In the 53rd minute, Odisha made the first change, edging out Marcelinho and taking Premjeet Singh inside. In the 60th minute, Gaurav Bora of Odisha FC got a yellow card.


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