It Is Safe To Drink Milk During Pregnancy - Milk During Pregnancy
It Is Safe To Drink Milk During Pregnancy - Milk During Pregnancy

It is very important to take nutritious food during pregnancy. During this period, whatever the pregnant woman eats has a direct effect on the fetus. This is the reason that some substances are included in the food to give good health to the unborn child, while some are advised not to eat. At the same time, there is confusion about milk whether it should be drunk in pregnancy or not. We will try to tell in this article based on scientific research whether it is safe to drink milk during pregnancy. You will also know that if it is safe to drink milk, then what can be the benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy.

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So let’s start and first of all know whether it is safe to drink milk during pregnancy.

Is it safe to drink milk during pregnancy?

Yes, milk can be consumed during pregnancy, but in balanced amounts. According to a research, milk contains beneficial elements like calcium and vitamin-D, which are necessary for mother and baby (1) . A medical research published on the NCBI website also states that the consumption of milk is necessary for the development of the fetus. Drinking the milk of a pregnant woman keeps the baby’s weight right. Also in this research it has been reported that high intake of milk can cause risk of large gastric age (LGA) (2) .

Large gestational age is a condition in which the weight, length, and head size of the baby increase, which can cause obstruction in childbirth (3) . On this basis, it can be said that the consumption of milk in balanced quantity can be beneficial for pregnant people.

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Let us now know in detail how drinking milk can be beneficial during pregnancy.

Benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy

The benefits of drinking pregnant milk can be many, of which we are talking about the major benefits here.

1. Calcium in milk

Pregnant women need calcium more than normal people. A pregnant woman needs 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium per day. At the same time, milk has been considered a good source of calcium. 299 milligrams are found in a fat free milk cup and 276 milligrams in full cream milk. The thing to note is that the higher the fat in milk, the lower the calcium content (4) . Therefore, it may be good to consume milk to supply calcium. To supplement calcium, you can also take supplements on the advice of a doctor.

2. Proteins present in milk

Along with calcium, protein is also needed during pregnancy. Protein can have a direct effect on fetal development. Lack of this may cause the baby to lose weight during delivery. At the same time, protein is found in milk, which can protect the infant from the possibility of low birth weight (5) . Proteins present in milk can protect against many diseases and can be helpful in increasing immunity (6) . Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy can be reaped for fetal development.

3. Vitamin D present in milk from rickets disease

Milk can be an important source of vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, protein and energy during pregnancy. Therefore, by consuming milk during pregnancy, all these women get all these nutrients. Risk of hypertension can be avoided by consuming milk. Vitamin-D intake through milk may reduce the risk of rickets in the newborn (7) . Rickets is a disease associated with osteoporosis, which can be caused by vitamin-D in the newborn (8) .

4. Hydrates milk

It is advisable to consume fluids during pregnancy, so that there is no lack of water in the body of the pregnant. At the same time, in this article we have made clear above that milk is full of nutrients. Therefore, it can be said that milk is a fluid rich in nutrients, which can increase the amount of water in the body . Milk contains 90 percent water, so the benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy can be taken to keep the body hydrated (9) .

Still further information

Now we know how milk is beneficial. Come, now know which milk to drink in pregnancy is right.

Which milk is safe to drink during pregnancy?

Posture milk: Experts believe that raw milk i.e. unpasteurized milk should not be consumed during pregnancy. Such milk may contain harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella, which can pose a risk of serious illness such as TB. Therefore, to avoid any kind of harm, always take posture milk during pregnancy. The milk must be boiled whether it is of cow or buffalo (10) .

Low Fat: Low-fat milk (toned milk) may be better to consume than fat milk (full cream milk) during pregnancy, as it has higher calcium content (11) . Excess fat intake during pregnancy can cause obesity and may have an impact on the mental and physical development of the fetus (12) . Yes, if you like full cream milk, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Let us now know how milk can be included in the diet.

How to include milk during pregnancy?

When to consume milk: Milk can be consumed anytime during pregnancy. As far as quantity is concerned, at least 1 glass of milk can be consumed per day (2) . Also, dairy products can be consumed up to three cups per quarter every day (13) .

How to consume milk?

There are many ways to consume milk, such as:

  • Milk shake can be made. You can also make tea. Consult your doctor for whether or not you can consume tea during pregnancy.
  • Delicious oatmeal can be made by adding oats or cornflakes to the milk during breakfast and the benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy can be taken.
  • Milk products like cheese and curd etc. can also be consumed.
  • If you do not like the taste of milk, then you can drink milk by adding cardamom to the milk. Almond milk can also be drunk during pregnancy .

Now you know what are the benefits of drinking milk in pregnancy and how can milk be consumed. Come, now we know what is important to keep in mind while consuming milk.

Some tips for drinking milk during pregnancy

  • If you are allergic to milk, please consult a doctor before consuming it.
  • Nowadays it can be difficult to get pure milk, so eat good company milk.
  • Take care of hygiene when boiling and drinking milk. Also use clean utensils.
  • Store milk in the refrigerator. Do not consume spoiled milk, it may contain harmful bacteria.

In this article you have learned how and why to consume milk during pregnancy. This article concludes that the consumption of milk during pregnancy can supply nutrients, but it is only right to consume it in balanced amounts. Pregnancy is a delicate situation, so if you have some questions related to the consumption of milk, then meet your doctor and resolve your doubts soon. In this state, be emotionally energetic and happy. Keep reading Stylcrase to get such useful and reliable information.


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