Delhi elections and the results were unexpected even though expected. In this battle of ‘Propaganda versus Propaganda’, no one has won, the real and people-oriented electoral issues of governance, development and administrative efficiency remain secondary. Would it be wrong to say that as much malignant hate-based propaganda as electoral issues, as much as dishonest lies and misleading propaganda? Both undermine democracy and artificially affect the mandate. History is witness that the mandate based on the above issues has failed to carry forward the work of public interest and development. Governments elected with such a mandate are generally engaged in strengthening their political agenda rather than running the rule.

In fact, under Arvind Kejriwal’s well-conceived policy, the game of continuously projecting Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and himself as the Chief Minister of Delhi succeeded. Kejriwal, who entered Delhi’s politics by accusation, again won an absolute majority, but it is a matter of fact that the political traditions and dignities sacrificed by these allegations will hardly be revived.

There was no record of the allegations made. Neither the public ever asked for their accounts, nor did Kejriwal ever consider it appropriate to explain. Those who are advocating Kejriwal’s politics are talking about the direct benefit of the people of Delhi, but no one is talking about the long-term damage caused by these policies after some time, and this loss is probably the challenge of Kejriwal for the next five years. There will be and also the criterion.

The biggest challenge of the Congress in the coming days will be to maintain the morale of its workers and supporters. Despite having no MP and MLA for the last five years, Congress’s 280 block committee and 14 district committees are active. Unlike BJP and AAP, Congress politics was never going to do anything to win elections. In such a situation, the Congress will have to be rehabilitated with aggression. It is also to be noted that from 2014 onwards, the declining vote percentage of the Congress in many elections does not at all indicate that it cannot be returned.


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