We were preparing for the live near the police barricades … It was eight o’clock in the morning … The soft sun was slowly getting hot but there was still light cold in the air. The road leading to the village was closed with police barricades and an inspector was making a chart to change duty on the jeep’s bonnet. The faces of the police and PAC people, who were on duty overnight, were hidden in masks, but someone was trying to give some rest to the body with the help of a wall. Everybody’s helpless eyes were fixed on the camera and the reporters without any hope. Seeing the police force lying down suddenly like a gorilla war, a female anchor entered inside pulling the barricades and Screaming live .. See how we are trying to stop us but we will keep getting justice … Dozens of policemen rushed towards the anchor … The anchor was gasping … But there was a dramatic visual live going on There was live coverage of this disaster which lasted for about twenty minutes… As soon as the water of commercial break was on the boiling TV, the atmosphere started to become normal.

Due to the hot sun, all of us now stood in the shade… Then a fellow reporter started reiki the other way to the village..After some time I came back and asked what were you doing there? Bhaiya Bhaiya was explaining to the PAC that after some time I will try to go forcibly during the live but you will stop making human chain for five-ten minutes … Just don’t beat the poles … These would have been natural threats with male reporters It is said that the act of coercion does not end with bickering and debate, but ends in a fight.

After some time, the reporter ran away as soon as he went live … There was an attempt to go to the village by another way, the police stopped .. The constable’s duty is to remain posted without questions, he was being asked questions of whom the media said Are stopping During the on-screen live, from the constable to the officer to get entangled … to heat up … the order was issued by some Delhi editors … in the case of TRP in Sushant Rajput case, at the hands of Jamura Journalism badly The beaten media had found the key to copying… the drama created through the reporter, the light-hearted voice and the freedom to prove himself as Chacha Chaudhary-Sabu and the rest to be Gobar Singh-like villains.

Well after an hour, suddenly the police allowed the victim to go to the village and as soon as the barricades opened, the reporters started running in a competitive conversation .. dozens of media cameras reached the victim’s house and asked questions from children to elders … Chaupal had already been planted on the ground. The anchors of the channel were under siege for an interview with the victim’s elderly mother for a long time. Twice an elderly mother was unconscious..Ancars fan flickers were constantly live … others were grumbling how the mother’s tears dried up so how would one create dramatic visuals?

Media coverage of a gruesome and traumatic event was steadily moving towards a ridiculous drama. By the end of the evening, the jackals named YouTuber had come to snatch the victim of the TV vulture of the incident .. someone was a caste caste Youtuber, he was interviewing the Karni Sena and raising his subscribers in YouTube by raising slogans against two four channels. When the campaign was going on, some Dalit leaders were standing up and telling all upper castes as villains. Seeing this implementation of coverage, all the people were caught in the misery. The formula of the alleged editors, who made the media leaven for years by making ghost plays, ladders of heaven and small dramas from reporters, is almost rotten. The genie of Jamura journalism has come out of the gutter of this rot, and he is slowly taking serious and fact journalism like a black storm.



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