Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful litigants. People from abroad and country come to visit there. Till roaming is fine, but if tourists start spreading dirt, then it becomes a matter of concern. Today every conscious human is concerned about the environment. Bollywood stars have also been requesting people about cleanliness. Recently, a new tweet by Kangana Ranaut has emerged regarding sanitation.

In order to maintain cleanliness, Kangana Ranaut is requesting people to maintain cleanliness in her new tweet. Kangana has shared a post from her Twitter account. In this post, a photo has also been shared with the tweet. A beautiful plaintiff is seen in this photo and plastic garbage is lying on the grass.

She tweets, ‘Himachal Pradesh must come to visit, but do not put plastic waste here and there. In particular, avoid throwing away empty plastic bottles and packets of chips. This beautiful valley can turn into a pile of garbage in a day, if people of insensitive, ill mentality reach here. Please do not do this.’

People are appreciating this initiative of Kangana. Let me tell you that Kangana has been a part of the ‘Clean India Campaign’ campaign of the Government of India. She has requested people many times about cleanliness. Right now, Kangana is in the headlines due to her outrageous statements


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