Kapil Sharma tweeting body shaming, said 'fat' to the user, watching the controversy escalate

There are two aspects of social media, one positive and negative, in recent times the other side of social media (negative) has seen more. Fans are getting trolling stars instead of love. Many stars tolerate trolling but sometimes in anger, the stars respond to the trollers in the same language. Due to this, the stars start trolling again. Something similar has happened with the famous comedian Kapil Sharma . Also Read – Govinda gave a befitting reply to Krishna Abhishek, then wife Kashmira struck a taunt, saying, ‘People use you for their meaning …’

On the Bharti Singh drugs case, a user targeted Kapil Sharma, tweeting that Bharti did not take drugs until caught. Your condition is the same. Till get caught, no drugs. After this, Kapil Sharma got angry at the troller and while answering in his language, wrote that first his size shirt was thick. See the screenshot of Kapil Sharma’s tweet …

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After this, people started trolling Kapil Sharma on social media. People say that Kapil Sharma has done body shaming. However, seeing the controversy growing, Kapil Sharma deleted the tweet, but by then people had started trolling Kapil by taking a screenshot of the tweet. What is your opinion on this whole matter? Comment us … Also Read – Kapil Sharma reduced 11 kg weight, sweating in gym everyday for this web series



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