The previous episode of KBC 12 was quite interesting. Ghaziabad’s Contestant Chhavi Kumar (Chhavi Kumar) was the center of attention of everyone in the last episode. She is an English teacher and her husband is an Airforce officer. Chitra told that she and her children are very proud that their husband is a soldier.

Imitating the image, Amitabh showed a great game by sitting on the hot seat in front of Amitabh Bachchan. A video was going viral in the last few days, in which it was shown that the image has reached the 1 crore question. In today’s episode, Chhavi will answer the question of 1 crore. Looking at the way the image has been played yesterday, it seems that even then she will play a great game.

Asked a question related to the Air Force, Chitra gave the right answers to many initial questions. One question was related to the Indian Air Force.

That is the question- what is the name of this aerobatic team of Indian Air Force?

He also gave the right answer to this question. The answer is: Sarang

Had taken two lifelines on the question were trapped image next question after question and inserted using two lifelines. She had two life lines – video call a friend and 50-50.
The question is- During the tenure of which Prime Minister of India, the privy purse i.e. the royal allowance given to the rulers of the former princely states was abolished?
After this, he gave the right answer to this question- Indira Gandhi

The last question that was asked in the previous episode from the image became a rollover contestant . He is- Who in a letter to Gandhiji addressed him as ‘One Man Boundary Force’ to successfully control the communal riots in Bengal in 1947?

The answer is Lord Mount Baton

After this question, the hooter of the show time is over and the image became a rollover contestant. Today she will be seen answering the one crore question.



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