Keep these things in mind while shopping during festive season sale, you will not be a victim of online fraud

Tech Desk. The festival season has started in the country. Keeping in mind this season, customers from online shopping sites to tech companies are going to organize a sale in the coming days, in which they will get great offers ranging from electronic products to home and kitchen appliances. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of shopping during these festive sales, then the news is of your use. Here we are going to give you some important shopping tips today, keeping in mind that you will be able to protect yourself from online fraud. Let’s know …

Cash on delivery is the safest

To avoid online fraud, you can use COD i.e. cash on delivery option. In this, the goods reach you first and then you have to pay.

Do not save ATM card information shopping site

Most people save their ATM card information on the shopping site, but do not make such a mistake. While making online payment, before removing the option of save card details, remove the tick from it and make it no. Pay only after this. This will keep your bank account completely safe.

Must check website URL

Must check the website URL. That should be HTTPS instead of HTTP. Finally, S means that Google has secured it. This will save you from fraud. Your bank account will also be safe.

Stay away from fake website

Nowadays hackers are targeting people by creating fake websites or mobile apps. In such a situation, get complete information before shopping on any site or app. By doing this you will avoid online fraud


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