Know the 13 best charcoal soaps - Best Charcoal Soaps
Know the 13 best charcoal soaps - Best Charcoal Soaps

Who doesn’t want his skin to look clear and bland. Everyone’s beauty routine is different according to different skin. Some like to apply a facewash, others use a mild soap. Among these, charcoal-rich face cleaning products have carved a niche for themselves in the market. Whether to heal the skin or remove impurities from the skin, charcoal can be quite useful ( 1 ). Charcoal-containing facewash and facepack are already available in the market, but now charcoal soap has also come in the market. In this article of Stylecrase, we are giving information about the best charcoal soap. Here we are sharing the list of more than 10 best charcoal soaps with reviews. Read the article till the end to know more about the best charcoal soap.

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Best Charcoal Soaps

How to choose the best charcoal soap?

Read below some tips on choosing the best charcoal soap:

  • The quality of charcoal soap is that it can be suitable for all types of skin. If one finds the skin dry after using charcoal soap, then using a moisturizer may be right.
  • Choose a good brand. It is better if it is certified (FDA) and certified by a dermatologist.
  • Buy it from a good or authorized seller or shop.
  • Organic charcoal soap can also be opted for.
  • Also read carefully about the ingredients in soap, do not choose if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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Now let’s know with the reviews of the best charcoal soap names.

Best charcoal soap names

Know which are the best charcoal soaps and after reading the reviews, choose them according to your skin:

1. Solimo Activated Charcoal Soap

Solimo is Amazon’s own brand and is an activated charcoal soap of the same brand. This soap containing Shia butter and activated charcoal claims to effectively remove impurities hidden in the skin. Also it can be helpful in maintaining the natural glow of the skin. This soap suitable for both face and body skin can be used everyday. There are three soaps available in a pack. Its other properties are as follows:

a quality :

  • May be suitable for everyday use.
  • Is dermatologically tested.
  • The company claims that it is sulfate and parabens free.
  • May reduce excess oil from the skin.
  • Can remove skin dirt.
  • May moisturize the skin.


  • The skin may become dry after its use.
  • Some people may find it a bit sticky.
  • Its scent is nothing special.

2. Nutriharbs Activated Charcoal Soap

If the properties of charcoal and aloe vera come together, it is something else. A similar combination is in this charcoal soap from NutriHerbs. Along with charcoal and aloe vera, it also contains glycerin, which can make the skin healthy. This is a soap that can not only remove the stickiness of the skin, but also remove blackheads. It is an activated charcoal soap that cleanses the skin and cleanses the skin, along with its natural properties.

a quality :

  • Can be suitable for all skin types.
  • Both women and men can use.
  • Can be helpful in exfoliating the skin.
  • Can reduce pores.
  • The company claims that chemicals are not used in it.


  • Some people may have pimples.
  • Precious compared to other common soaps.

3. Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Soap Bar

Greenberry charcoal soap can be helpful for getting clean, clear and healthy skin. It also has the properties of tea tree and Spearmint oil with charcoal. According to the company, it is a soap containing natural ingredients, which is not harsh on the skin. Charcoal can reduce the effects of pollution by removing dust, dirt and dirt from the skin. It is formulated with moisturizing and sun protection properties. This charcoal soap can be helpful in giving the skin a fresh look.

a quality :

  • People with all skin types can use it.
  • Being a tea tree oil, it may have antibacterial, anti fungal and antiinflammatory properties.
  • Can prevent nail-acne.
  • May reduce stains.
  • Coconut oil can nourish and brighten the skin.
  • Can detoxify the skin.
  • Can prevent body odor and infection.
  • According to the company, it is a safe and certified soap.


  • Some users say that after using it, the skin may become rough or the skin color may be darker.

4. Handcrafted glycerin activated charcoal bathing bar

As its name suggests, it is a handmade charcoal soap. This soap can be helpful in reducing pores and making the skin look clean. It can also act like an exfoliator and can control excess oil of the skin. Along with charcoal, it also has the properties of castor oil, glycerin and coconut oil, which can nourish the skin and make it healthy.

a quality :

  • It can be especially beneficial for oily skin.
  • Going deep into the skin can remove impurities.
  • Oily skin can control excess oil.
  • Removing toxins from the skin can give a feeling of freshness.
  • Nails can reduce pimples, but it also depends on the size and position of the acne.
  • Dead skin can remove skin cells, but some people may find it slightly coarse.


  • Foam is less in this soap, so it may need to be applied a little more.

5. Nive Herbal Handmade Soap Charcoal Soap

This soap is prepared from charcoal as well as natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, palm oil and rosemary oil. The company has written on its pack that it goes deep into the skin and removes impurities. This can keep the skin clean. This low-cost charcoal soap can nourish the skin as well as bring tightness.

a quality :

  • It is a handmade soap.
  • It may be suitable for normal to oily skin.
  • The company says it does not contain chemical substances or artificial materials.
  • It can balance the pH of the skin.
  • Lemon oil present in it can detoxify the skin.
  • At the same time, the patchouli oil present in it can act as an antiseptic.


  • The follicles may not be particularly effective in cleaning the pores.
  • The skin may be dry.
  • It can melt quickly.

6. Natural Vibes Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Soap

This tea tree and activated charcoal soap of natural vibes is prepared from 7 healing materials. It also includes oatmeal, rosemary, ylang ylang, citrus peel and lavender along with tea tree and activated charcoal. It is an Ayurvedic soap, which can purify as well as realize aromatherapy. Its other properties are as follows:

a quality :

  • It is an all skin type product.
  • It can act as antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.
  • It can remove impurities from the pores.
  • May keep skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • Vitamin-C can prevent pigmentation and sun damage.
  • Has antiaging properties, which can reduce wrinkles.
  • It has exfoliating properties, which can be helpful in improving and conditioning the skin.
  • The manufacturers claim that no chemical is used in it.


  • it’s expensive.
  • The skin may be dry.
  • Those with sensitive skin may feel irritation or discomfort.
  • May be the scent is not liked by sensitive noses.

7. Soulflower deodorizing charcoal soap

This solver soap can remove skin impurities as well as relieve tan odor. It is suitable for all skin types. If this soap is used in the morning, then you can get rid of the problem of body odor throughout the day. In addition to acting like a natural antiseptic, this soap can also moisturize the skin. The olive oil and castor oil present in it can be helpful in making the skin soft and youthful. The skin can become healthy and whitened by the use of this soap.

a quality :

  • This soap can be suitable for oily and combination skin.
  • Can detoxify by removing toxic substances from the skin.
  • Can remove excess skin oil.
  • May reduce pimples.
  • Can clean porse
  • The follicles may shrink the size of the pores.
  • Can hydrate the skin.
  • May reduce stains.


  • It is more expensive than other charcoal soaps.
  • Its smell is intense.
  • People with sensitive skin may have a rash problem.
  • This soap quickly dissolves.

8. Khadi Charcoal (Handmade Premium Soap)

Nowadays, when talking about Ayurvedic beauty product brands, Khadi has made its place in a very short time. Many Khadi products are available in the market and online. One of them is Khadi Charcoal Soap. It is handmade soap, with charcoal being the main ingredient. It is specifically designed with skin care in mind. By acting as an anti-oxidant, it can effectively remove impurities accumulated in the skin due to contamination and open pores.

a quality :

  • It can be suitable for all skin types.
  • It is a natural, organic and vegan product.
  • It can be helpful in preventing or fighting against acne, blackheads, eczema and psoriasis.
  • This soap can soften the skin.
  • May retain skin moisturizer.
  • May be helpful in reducing body odor.


  • It may not be liked by everyone.
  • It does not have much foam.
  • It can melt quickly.

9. Glow Handcrafted Organic Charcoal Soap

Formulated with activated charcoal, this glow handcrafted organic charcoal soap can be suitable for all skin types. Can effectively reduce pimples as well as excess skin oil. Charcoal can be helpful in tightening the skin and can also reduce pores. Its use can help in getting flawless skin.

a quality :

  • It is a natural product.
  • Can detoxify the skin.
  • The skin may be smooth.
  • The skin may be soft.
  • This soap can act as an antibacterial agent.
  • Skin can also be moisturized by its use.


  • It is more suitable for body skin.
  • May dry facial skin.
  • Not suitable for dry skin.

10. Sacred Salts Coffee Charcoal

Charcoal can be helpful in removing impurities in the skin. At the same time, if the qualities of coffee are also mixed with it, then the benefit can be more. Many people use coffee as a household scrub. In such a situation, the qualities of coffee have also been included in this best charcoal soap. A mixture of these two can act as antioxidants and help in clearing the skin. This charcoal soap can exfoliate the skin as well as provide tenderness.

a quality :

  • It may be suitable for normal to oily skin.
  • The cocoa butter present in it can moisturize the skin.
  • It is not harsh on the skin.
  • Can improve complexion.
  • This soap does not contain parabens, mineral oil and sulfate.
  • There is no artificial fragrance of any kind.
  • Stains may be reduced.
  • Skin can be soft.


  • It is expensive compared to other charcoal soaps.
  • It may take time to become foamy.

11. Meera: Belle Miracle Activated Charcoal Cleansing Soap

This soap can give a clear look to the skin by deep cleansing the skin and removing impurities deeply. The company claims that this soap has been prepared using premium ingredients. This soap can be beneficial if you want to clean the dirt accumulated in the pores or get rid of uneven skin tone. This charcoal soap with antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties can prevent acne problems. It has been prepared using just natural oils and herbs. This charcoal soap can make the skin healthy.

a quality :

  • It may be suitable for oily skin.
  • This is organic soap.
  • This can reduce blackheads.
  • Can remove sebum.
  • Can deeply clean the pores.


  • Sensitive or dry skin people may have a problem of flaky skin with its use.

12. TNW Natural Wash Handmade Charcoal Soap

This is herbal charcoal soap, which can effectively clean the dirt and pollution present in the skin. The company claims that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is formulated with natural ingredients, which can work on skin softly. Along with removing excess oil, it can exfoliate the skin and improve its appearance.

a quality :

  • It has neem properties, which can act like an antiseptic for the skin.
  • It can prevent acne.
  • The cinnamon present in it can prevent skin infection.
  • May reduce blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Can detoxify the skin.
  • May make the skin shiny.
  • Parabens, sulfate and silicon are free.
  • WHO is certified by ISO, FSSAI.


  • People with sensitive skin may find this soap a bit harsh.
  • There may not be much effect on the face.

13. Herbal Trends Activated Charcoal Bathing Soap

This herbal soap is made from activated charcoal and pure glycerin. This charcoal soap, with a combination of charcoal and glycerin, can work gently on the skin. Its excellent quality and enchanting fragrance can attract it to frequent use.

a quality :

  • It can moisturize the skin.
  • Can remove excess oil, dirt and pollution from the skin.
  • Exfoliate the skin and make it shiny.
  • FSSAI and GMP certified.


  • Not a single demerit is available yet.

Note: The best charcoal soaps given here can be quite effective, but it is better to use them by doing a patch test.

So these were some of the best charcoal soaps. You do not need to go to the market to buy the best charcoal soap, but you can easily order it by clicking on the Amazon link given here. From these, choosing the best charcoal soap according to your skin and making some changes in your lifestyle can make the skin healthy. Then what are you waiting for, order the best charcoal soap today.


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