Know the reason, due to which a heavy fine of 37 lakh crores may be imposed on Facebook

San Francisco, IANS. The social media platform Facebook may face a heavy fine of Rs 37 lakh crore. The company is fined by Facebook’s subsidiary company Instagram. Actually Instagram has been accused of collecting biometric data without user’s permission. A lawsuit has been filed against him in the State Court of Redwood City, California.

Accused of collecting data of 10 crore people

According to the Daily Mail report, if the allegations against Facebook are proved true, then the company will be fined 37 lakh crores. Instagram is alleged to have identified the logo through facial recognition using a photo tagging tool. It has been acknowledged by Instagram that the Facial Recognition feature is present on its platform. However, in its service condition from Intagram, it has been said that to use this feature, the user must turn on the feature. The company said that the Face Recognition Template has been designed for special protection of data according to the law of the country. It has been discovered in the company’s data policy that if this face recognition technology is used on Instagram, In this situation permission will be taken from the person concerned. But the lawsuit filed in the court stated that Instagram uses the automatic recognition face recognition feature. Also, for those who do not have an Instagram account, the company also collects data from their face recognition, which is completely a violation of the law. In the petition filed in the court, it has been said that the data of about 10 crore people has been collected by Instagram without the permission of the users.

Fines have already been imposed on Facebook

In a statement to Daily Mail, a Facebook spokesperson said that such allegations are baseless. He said that Instagram is offered face recognition service by Facebook. But the company does not use it. This is not the first time Facebook has been sued over the use of face recognition. Last month also, the social networking company had to pay a fine of 650 million in the US for wrongly collecting people’s data.


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