KXIP vs MI is the first time in the history of IPL (IPL history) when 3 superovers were seen in a single day. The 35th match of IPL 2020 was a tie between Hyderabad and KKA , after which KKR won in the Superover. At the same time, in the 36th match of IPL 2020 (IPL 2002), the teams of Punjab and Mumbai played a tie against each other and then decided to lose and win by superover. Surprisingly, it was the first Superover tie played between Punjab and Mumbai followed by a second Superover in which Kings XI Punjab (KXIP Vs MI 2nd Super Over) won.

Such was the thrill of the first superover

Punjab batted first in the Superover but in front of Bumrah, the lions of Punjab could not do anything special. KL Rahul and Nicholas Puran batted in Punjab’s Superover, while Puran was out without scoring any runs, Rahul could not do anything amazing. Punjab scored 5 runs in the superover. In such a situation, Mumbai Indians got the target of 6 runs off 6 balls to win in the superover. For Mumbai, Dickock and Rohit came out to bat in the superover, Dickock managed to take one run off Mohammad Shami’s first ball, followed by Rohit Sharma on strike. On the second ball of Shami, Rohit hit an aerial shot from above the cover which got 1 run.

Photo Credit: BCCI / IPL

Even a big shot on the third ball could not hit Dickock and got only 1 run. Now Mumbai needed 3 runs off 3 balls. Once again Rohit was on strike, Shami bowled a brilliant ball on the fourth ball on which Rohit could not score. Now Mumbai Indians needed 3 runs off 2 balls. On the fifth ball, Rohit tried to show cleverness and wanted to play the reverse shot from behind the wicketkeeper, but Shami had already sensed Rohit’s cleverness and bowled a yorker length ball, on which Mumbai captain Rohit could not play the shot as expected and Only 1 run scored. Now Mumbai needed 2 runs off the last ball. Dickock was on the front strike. On the last ball, Dickock tried to take 2 runs, in order to take the second run, Dickock was run out, which led to a superover tie. In such a situation, the superover was again played.

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The second superover between Punjab and Mumbai, was such a thrill

In the second superover played between Punjab (KXIP Vs MI 2nd Super Over) and Mumbai, Mumbai Indians (MI) batted first, this time Hardik Pandya and Pollard started the Mumbai innings, bowling Chris Jordan in front, first Pollard was successful in taking 1 run on the ball, Hardik Pandya was present on the strike, the second ball was thrown wide by Jordan. Once again, Hardik could only score 1 run on the second ball. Pollard was on strike on the third ball. On the third ball, Pollard hit a big shot towards the cover and hit the four. The next ball was thrown wide by Jordan. Pollard tried to take 2 runs on the fourth ball but Hardik Pandya was run out on non-strike. In this situation, 1 run was found on the fourth ball. Pollard could not make any runs on the fifth ball, Jordan threw the ball out of the off stump and dodged the batsman, due to which Pollard could not score. On the last ball, Pollard tried to hit a six in the air but on the boundary Mayank Agarwal made great fielding by blowing the wind and Mumbai got only 2 runs where 6 runs were supposed to be. Mumbai scored 11 for 1 in the second superover. Now Punjab had to score 12 runs off 6 balls to win in the second superover.

Punjab had to score 12 runs off 6 balls to win in the second superover.

While Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal came to bat for Punjab in the second superover, Trent Bolt was given the responsibility of bowling from Mumbai. Chris Gayle faced the first ball. The first ball bolt was fulltoss on which the explosive Gayle gave a six. Now Punjab needed 6 runs off 5 balls. Bolt short ball was thrown on the second ball on which Gayle took a run. Now Mayank Agarwal was on strike. Punjab needed 5 runs off 4 balls. On the third ball, Agarwal hit a four over cover and leveled the score. Now Punjab needed 1 run off 3 balls. On the fourth ball, Mayank scored a four and gave Punjab a thrilling match in the second superover.



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