Smartphone-making indigenous company Lava (LAVA) has unveiled its feature phone ‘Lava Pulse 1’. The biggest feature of this handset is that it includes a contactless thermometer, with the help of which you can measure body temperature without touching anyone. The price of the phone has been kept at just 1,999.

The company said in one of its statements, that to measure body temperature, you have to move your head or hands some distance away from the sensor in ‘Lava Pulse 1’ and in few seconds the result will be in front of you. Another great feature of the phone is that you will be able to save 10 temperature readings in it and can also share it with others through the result message.

Tejinder Singh, product head at Lava International, said that Lava Pulse 1 is a solution for those who are not able to buy high-priced contactless thermometers or who do not have access to a doctor or medical facility. This handset is military-grade certified. It has a 2.4-inch display. This phone is made of strong polycarbonate sheet. Other features included are flashlight, VGA camera and expandable memory up to 32 GB.

Apart from this, the phone also has the facility of photo icon, recording, wireless FM, dual SIM support to save contacts. The company has said that the phone has support for seven languages ​​for typing, including auto call recording.


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