An important information is coming out for families using LPG (LPG). Oil companies are to implement a new delivery system of LPG cylinders from November 1, ie next month. If you do not follow this, you may face difficulty in taking delivery of the gas cylinder. Delivery of gas cylinders may be stopped due to incorrect information.

Now OTP will not be delivered without stating that according to our partner website , government oil companies have decided to implement new system to prevent gas theft and identify the right customers. This process is called Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). Home delivery of the cylinder will be done via OTP (One Time Password) from 1 November. You will not be able to take the cylinder from the delivery buoy without telling the OTP.

What is new system? According to the information received, the cylinder will not be delivered from the filling of LPG booking. From now on, an OTP will be sent to the customers’ mobile number after gas booking. You will have to share this OTP with the delivery boy when the cylinder comes for delivery. Once this code is matched to the system, the customer will get the delivery of the cylinder only. Oil companies will first start DAC in 100 smart cities. For this, a pilot project is going on in two cities.

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Let us know that if the customer’s mobile number is not updated, then the delivery person will also be able to update it real time through an app and generate a code. That is, at the time of delivery, you can update your mobile number through the delivery boy with the help of that app. The mobile number will be updated on the real time basis through the app. After this, there will be a facility to generate a code from the same number.



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