Mahi doing farming: The rate of organic tomatoes from Dhoni's farm house is Rs 40. Kg, sold on the first day 71 kg

After hitting fours and sixes in cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is now hitting helicopter shots in farming. Three years ago, Dhoni started farming and dairy work at the Sembo Farm House in Dhurva. Now a large number of vegetables are growing there. Milk is also being produced. Products are being sold from the brand called Eza Form. The sale of tomatoes and milk started on Monday. However, Dhoni is currently in Dubai with the family.

The organic vegetables of his farmhouse in Dhurwa Sembo have started getting available in the market. Right now tomatoes and milk are being sold in the market. Tomatoes in the market Rs 40 Kg is being sold. 71 kg were sold in 80 kg tomatoes. After 20 days, cabbage, beans, cauliflower will also come on the market. Strawberries and broccoli are also being cultivated here.

Shivanandan is handling the marketing of vegetables grown in Dhoni’s farm. He said that Dhoni called to meet a few days ago and said – Vegetables and milk are being produced in the farm. It has to be marketed. After this the agreement was fixed and vegetables started selling.

Farming of Kadaknath chicken is also happening, see you soon

Shivanandan said that milk was Rs 55. Liter is being sold. There is no adulteration in this. 60 cows were brought from Punjab. Jersey and Shahwal varieties of cow milk are sold in the market. It is currently being sold at Upper Bazaar, Lalpur, Vardhman Compound. Apart from this, counters will also be opened soon in PP compound. It is known that Dhoni has also asked for Kadnath chicken for his form house. About 2 thousand chickens are currently in the form house.


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