Mandana Karimi accuses filmmaker of exploitation, says 'I am being rude on set'

Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi has been in the news for her upcoming film ‘Coca Cola’ for a long time. This film is being made for a long time. Due to Coronavirus lockdown, the film of Mandana Karimi had slowed down but now its shooting has started again. As soon as the shooting of the film started, shocking news came out of its setting. Actress Mandana Karimi has accused her producer Mahendra Dhariwal of exploitation. Mandana Karimi has accused her producer that she was tortured on the last day of shooting. Also Read – These 9 beauties, including Rashmi Desai and Shweta Tiwari, have got their husbands cut by the court-court affair, see list

Actress Mandana Karimi shared with her people that she said, on the last day of shooting of ‘Coca Cola’ I wanted to go back after finishing all the work but the producer asked me to stay an hour while I do not Want As soon as I arrived in the vanity van, the producers shouted at me and started pressing on me for an hour. There was no assistant on the set and at that time my choreographers helped me and took them out. According to Mandana Karimi, the incident happened to her one night before Diwali.

Sharing this anecdote, Mandana Karimi has said that she is still in shock. According to Mandana, ‘I am still in shock how this happened? We have been working hard for the past one year for a Coca-Cola film. The entire crew of the film is not professional but we kept on working. I had a problem with the crew in the early days but Mahendra Dhariwal is a man of old views. He dominates the set. ‘ Also Read – Mandana Karimi created top-notch internet by sharing topless photos, see viral photos

Producer Mahendra Dhariwal also accused

Mandana Karimi: – In response to the allegations of Mandana Karimi, producer Mahendra Dhariwal has also opened his tongue. According to Mahendra Dhariwal, ‘Mandana on set was quite unprofessional. Before the lockdown, there was a deal of Rs 7 lakh for the project with Mandana, but when the shooting started after the lockdown, Mandana started showing tantrums. He asked for Rs 2 lakh separately to stay for shooting in Delhi. Mandana Karimi has recovered Rs 17 lakh instead of 7 lakh for a year and a half project. ‘ Also Read – Exclusive: ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Mandana Karimi opened her tongue on trolling for bikini pictures


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