Many dry fingertips are dry! Is there a way to prevent nail cracking?
Many dry fingertips are dry! Is there a way to prevent nail cracking?

When I noticed, I had two nails! The thin two nails are the place where you want to hide them forever with gel nails, but you can restore the previous shine to the nails just by changing your lifestyle a little.

In the first place, why are nails weakened?

“Nail consists of a layer of protein called keratin, which is also found in hair and skin, ” says Ronda Klein, MD, a certified dermatologist at Westport, Connecticut. “The cells in the body produce keratin at a slower rate as they age, and their nails become weaker and dry, losing luster. ”

However, according to Dr. Klein, it is not only the aging process that damages nails. In various situations where the nails are exposed ( extremely cold, frequent washing of hands, touching chemicals, etc.), the nails wear out and become dry or brittle.

But conversely, hints to strengthen your nails are (literally) hidden in your hands! So I asked my doctor how to strengthen my nails and keep them.

  1. Keep your hands and nails moisturized regularly
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Dr. Lina Arrow, a dermatologist at Philadelphia, points out that frequent moisturization of the nail and surrounding skin with hand cream can prevent further damage to the nail.

According to Dr. Seal Desai Solomon, a North Carolina certified dermatologist, cuticle oil (an oil that cleans the cuticle) is also good for repairing and nurturing weakened nails and giving them moisture.

“My recommendation is L’Occitane Cyanail Oil, which contains a high concentration of shea oil (30%) to soften the cuticles and keep your nails healthy.”

  1. Keep your nails short

“If you are suffering from weak nails, think about cutting them shortly until they are strong ,” Dr. Solomon said.

“Shorter nails have fewer edges that can be torn and less surface area to absorb water and chemicals, making it harder to break. ”

Once cut, use a nail file to gently align the edges so that your nails do not get caught.

  1. Apply nail file

Dr. Klein recommends using a soft nail file to keep the nail edges smooth.

Rough eyes can risk tearing your nails, which can cause flaking and bruising .

Move the file quickly (but gently) in a long direction toward a certain direction to prepare your nails. “Pushing and pulling them to move them back and forth will make it easier to break your nails,” says Dr Solomon.

  1. Do not use a neutralizing solution containing acetone.

A light-removing solution containing a large amount of acetone (a solvent that quickly removes nail polish) is too irritating to weakened nails, causing severe dryness.

“Nailes may be peeled off, cracked, and unsightly white spots may be created” (Dr. Solomon)

  1. Do not overuse sanitizing gel

Disinfecting gels are generally based on alcohol, so if you use them frequently, your nails will dry out and become very brittle.

“If you have to use a hand sanitizer, be careful not to get it on your nails and avoid using it too much” (Dr. Solomon)

The sheet type is easy to use around the nails. When using the liquid type, apply plenty of moisturizing cream after use.

  1. Eat more foods that make your nails stronger

Avoid diets that cause heavy weight gains and losses, as vitamins can cause nails to weaken.

Dr. Robin Evans, MD, Connecticut dermatologist and clinical educator at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, said he was trying to get enough protein and calcium, which is believed to promote nail health .

Foods rich in biotin such as vegetables, eggs and nuts are also good.


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