Many famous people of India made a killing plan with Khalistani terrorists on the target of ISI

Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has planned a target killing of well-known people by teaming up with Khalistani terrorists who have fled from India. This disclosure was made in the intelligence report. According to sources, terrorists can carry out the target killing incident in Delhi too.

According to intelligence sources, the target of terrorists may be political leaders, people associated with gurdwaras and tobacco-cigarette businessmen. The ISI wants to radicalize the youth by carrying out Khalistani terrorists from India and carry out major incidents.

ISI is also the brain behind the 2020 referendum. Many people already involved in the ban organization Sikh for Justice are involved in the conspiracy. Gurupantwant Singh Pannu, who has been declared a global terrorist, had a live program on YouTube on Referendum 2020 a few days ago at the behest of ISI.

This entire program was monitored by the central agency. According to sources, the ISI is in the process of carrying out target killing through Khalistani terrorists from India. After this information, intelligence agencies are on alert. Security has been increased especially in Delhi.

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