Medical University: UG course will not be reevaluated, now moderation scheme will be implemented

Students studying all undergraduate (UG) courses including MBBS in Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University fail the exam or if they are not satisfied with their result then they will not be able to get a re-evaluation. Actually, the university is implementing the moderation scheme by discontinuing the system of re-evaluation in UG courses from the upcoming examinations. In this, the university is claiming that it will declare 100 percent correct result.

For this, he will moderate the result before declaring the final result. Different formulas have been prepared for this. Under this, once the result is ready, a random moderation of the answerbook of 5 percent students will be done, so that the results prepared for the first time can be tested. Implementation of the moderation scheme is to prevent questions on the standing of the revaluation of the university.

Two other formulas were also prepared and two other formulas have also been prepared
. Under this, 10% of the last students will be moderated in such students who will fail in the relevant examination. In this, their answer books will be re-evaluated.

The UG course will not have reevaluation. The provision of moderation scheme is also in the Act of the University, which is now being implemented. The final result will be moderated before being declared.


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