MI Vs KXIP: The 36th match of IPL 2020 proved to be the most thrilling match in IPL history. Two Superovers were played in the match and finally the Kings XI Punjab team (KXIP) got a spectacular win. But let us tell you that if Chris Jordan of Punjab does not make a mistake then perhaps the most exciting match in the history of cricket cricket fans would not have seen. In fact, when the Punjab team came down to achieve the 177-run target given by Mumbai, Punjab needed 2 runs to win on the last ball.

On the last ball, Chris Jordan ran to Trent Boult to take a quick run with a shot on the leg side, but Pollard caught the ball fast and threw it straight towards wicketkeeper Quinton Dickock. At the same time, while taking a second run from Jordan, he made a minor mistake in a hurry, in order to take the second run Jordan did not run straight towards the pitch but he spun a little, which led him to 22 meters instead of 17 meters Had to do. It was here that Jordan made a mistake and with a short distance left inside the crease, the match was tied between Punjab and Mumbai as soon as Jordan was run out. After that the first superover was played in the match which ended on the tie.

After this, the second superover of the match was played, but this time the team of Kings XI Punjab won the game and managed to win. But Chris Jordan’s mistake brought the thrill of the match to a climax and in the history of the IPL, a match was played that can hardly be forgotten. Let me tell you that KL Rahul was awarded the title of man of the match for his brilliant 77-run innings.

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The first superover was a tie (MI vs KXIP 1st Super Over) In the first superover, Punjab batted first and scored only 5 runs against Jasprit Bumrah. Mumbai Indians (Mumbai Indians) needed only 6 runs. But Punjab fast bowler Mohammed Shami bowled tight and stopped the Mumbai batsman for 5 runs, which also led to the first superover of the match.

Punjab batted in the second superover (MI vs KXIP 2nd Super Over) Mumbai batted in the second superover and Mumbai Indians scored 11 for 1 off 6 balls while Pollard, Chris Jordan bowled in the second superover. That Then Trent Boult took over the responsibility of bowling this time from Mumbai Indians and Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal came to bat for Punjab. Gayle scored a six in the superover and strengthened Punjab’s grip in the match, after which Mayank Agarwal hit two consecutive fours off the third and fourth balls to give Kings XI Punjab a memorable victory.



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