In broad daylight, almost all mobile phones click a good picture, but the real test of these phones is done in the evening. And it has been seen that mobile photographers get very frustrated at this time. If you do not know the right way to click photos, then your 100-megapixel camera phone is also useless for you. Know better photography tips-

Composition: Not all the focus is on the subject. According to the Composite Rule of Third. There is always some space in the foreground beyond the subject. Create such a composition, so that the environment of the surroundings with the subject is also visible.

The phone will be stable: The more stable your phone, the better the photos. During this time it is possible to release the breath outward during the click or stop for a few seconds.

HDR: Use the HDR feature only when both your hand and subject ie the picture you are taking are both fixed. Anyway, the photo will be blurred.

Black and white: There is nothing better than black and white to show any kind of emotion. It is dark around and the light is coming from behind the center or the subject. In this situation, with the help of the black and white effect, you can take a great photo.

Tripod: With this, you will be able to reduce the shutter speed and take photos at low ISO. It will reduce the risk of blur. At the same time, due to the low ISO, the noise in the picture will also be reduced. If the light comes down a bit due to the low ISO, then you can edit the photo later and light it.

Golden Hour: During the sunrise or sunset, there is a slight redness in the sky and there is some light. This is called the Golden Hour. At this time light and light shadow create an atmosphere of favorable photography for you.

Focus on autofocus: Wherever you want to focus, click after touching it. When the subject is properly exposed, the photo will also be clear and clear.

Settings: You can take a good picture by manually setting in low light. You can take a good picture even in low light by reducing the shutter speed and increasing the ISO. But remember that during this time, the less the camera or subject will move, the better. Noise or grain may be slightly higher due to high ISO, but in low light, the light will be correct.

Flash in group photo: Use only the blob or tube light at night. If you use flash at night to take a picture of one person, the reflection of the light will be so bad that the photo will be spoiled. You can use flash in group photos and it will also work.

Avoid Zoom: Zoom should be avoided during photography even during the day. If you are doing photography at night, then do not use zoom at all.

Aspect Ratio: Phones now have the option to set the aspect ratio. Such as the ratio of 16: 9 or 4: 3. Allow the aspect ratio to be the default during low light photography.

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These are tips

  • Clean your smartphone’s camera lens once before taking a photo.
  • Take care of the reflective lights of the building or pay attention to the reflection of the sun on the subject. The sun should not be in front of the camera, but the light is from behind.
  • To capture the moving object, the practice of holding the phone. Use Burst Mode when taking moving objects
  • Hold the device vertically while taking a picture, because this way you get a wide frame and take a nice wide picture.
  • Take pictures by changing the angles for better shots
  • Use the dedicated camera app for mobile photography.
  • Based on a conversation with Vipin Kumar Singh, commercial photographer


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