Guwahati While the common man faced many problems during the lockdown caused by coronavirus, animals also had many problems. In such a situation, a woman named Asam Begum in Guwahati takes food for the monkeys for the last 7 months and feeds them with fervor.

Let me tell you, due to the lockdown people were not taking to the streets, due to which people living on the streets were not getting food. In such a situation, Asam Begum in Guwahati took the responsibility of feeding animals. She used to bring food for the monkeys during lockdown. Today, they are being discussed all around. People are praising this noble cause.

Asam Begum, 44, brings biscuits, bananas, chickpeas, lentils and other things to the monkeys for the past seven months. Asam Begum did not let the monkeys go hungry due to this lockdown. Let them know, they are also getting help in this work from the district administration and police.

Asam Begum while talking to NDTV said, ‘When the lockdown was announced, we all collected food items for ourselves and our pets, but it came to my mind that what would happen to those animals would be outside. Huh. He said, monkeys are treated like God anyway.

Let me tell you, the monkeys living in the temple of Asam Begum Guwahati come to eat food. This temple is centuries old. Earlier devotees used to feed the animals, but during lockdown people did not come to worship here. Earlier, the people who used to worship only used to give food to the monkeys.

The Pandit of the temple said, ‘When the temple was closed, it was difficult to arrange food for the monkeys. All the priests returned home. Asam came to this temple and gave food to the monkeys.



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