Super Over Sunday !!!!! So how did you feel, both the matches were over in Super Sunday. Where Kolkata defeated Hyderabad in the first over in the first match. So in the second match, Punjab defeated Mumbai by a super over and scored 2 important points. For now, that’s all you will meet tomorrow with the match between Chennai and Rajasthan, which will be played in Abu Dhabi ground. Until then give us permission and keep your thoughts, greetings, good night…

Winning captain and man of the match L Rahul said that it was a wonderful match. I had never seen anything like this before. He further said that the pressure was on everyone. He further said that yes, now I am fine with two points. We had come close to losing many times before, but we did not leave the match till the last and returned strongly. While keeping the 20 overs, I saw that the pitch was slow on which to play it. You can never prepare for a super over, as a batsman I always think and Shami has been very good. He further said that senior players should come forward and perform, which is good for us. We are enjoying every win and running with each match.

Talking in place of Rohit Sharma, Kairan Pollard said that it was an amazing fight today. One run is important in T20, but the kind of competition that was done today was beyond everyone’s thinking. He further thanked Punjab and said that it is a game of cricket and here you have to give your best in the face of pressure and such things keep happening in the match. We are constantly playing good cricket and we try to keep doing good match by match. On Rohit, he said that he did not feel well, so I came to talk to him instead.

Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma, who came to the ground to defend 176 runs, used 6 bowlers. Jasprit Bumrah (4-0-24-3) was the better bowler for him, who took three wickets and took Rahul, Mayank and Nicholas Puran. While supporting him, Rahul Chahar took two wickets.

Punjab’s first wicket came on the ground to score 177 runs, Mayank Agarwal fell for 11 runs on the score of 33 runs. Chris Gayle (24), who came to bat after him, took some shots, but he became a victim of the face of a six. After that the series of wickets continued, whatever batsman came to the crease, he went on to give his wicket in an attempt to hit big hits. However, KL Rahul (77) from one end completed his half-century while batting rapidly and brought the team closer to victory. But Bumrah’s yorkers bowled over the ball. In the end, Deepak Hooda (23) batted in a stormy style and took the match to the last over and led the match to a super over.

What a wonderful match has been made today. This two points have made Punjab and Mumbai anger very hard. But in the end the victory went to Sharon of Punjab. In the first super over, Punjab scored 5 runs which Mumbai could not chase and they were also able to score 5 runs. During this, both Shami and Bumrah performed amazingly. Then Jordan was given 11 runs in the second super and Punjab needed 12 runs in which the Universe boss took the victory close to him with a six off the first ball and then Mayank hit the team with two fours.

Ball 4: T. Bolt to M. Agarwal, FOUR !!! Punjab won the match, Kolkata won with patience in the second super over. Full toss hit the ball towards mid-wicket and got four runs.

Ball 3: T. Bolt to M. Agarwal, FOUR !!! Scored Tie !! Now one run away from victory Punjab 3 balls needed 1 run.

Ball 2: T. Bolt to K. Gayle, single !! Bouncer poured the ball towards mid-wicket for a run. 4 ball 5 runs needed.

Ball 1: T. Bolt to K. Gayle, six !! 5 ball 6 runs needed.

In the second super over of the match, Mumbai set a target of 12 runs against Punjab. To achieve this, Mayank Agarwal came to bat with Chris Gayle from Punjab. Trent Bolt has come for bowling from Mumbai …

Ball 6: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, and the best fielding by Agarwal. Saved sixes and saved two runs. A total of 11 runs i.e. 12 runs was targeted.

Ball 5: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, NOT OUT !!! Pollard took the review which was successful. An important dot force | Beats off the ball outside the off-stump.

Ball 4: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, Out !! run out!! Hearty run out at non-strike end. Lost his wicket to Pollard. Total 9 runs on the board.

Ball 4: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, Wide !! One more extra ball. This time, the ball inserted outside the leg stump.

Ball 3: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, FOUR !!! Hit the ball in the direction of the covers and score four runs. The first four of today’s super over, this is the first boundary of all those.

Ball 2: K. Jordan to H. Pandya, Low Full Toss !! Played towards mid-wicket. Got a single run. Total 3 runs so far |

Ball 2: K. Jordan to H. Pandya, Wide !!! Ball thrown outside off stump.

Ball 1: K. Jordan Two K Pollard, single !! Played the ball in front and got a single run. Fielder quickly came to the ball.

Tied in the Super Over too !!! Now one more super over will be seen here, now Mumbai will bat first in second super over. But the rule says that the players who had come to bat earlier will not be able to bat again …

Ball 6: M. Shami to D Cock, Out !! run out!!! Another Super Over !!! This super over was also a tie. Oooho, what amazing bowling has been seen here. The less the praise was seen for this game. Mohammad Shami Yu Beauty …

Ball 5: M. Shami to R. Sharma, Single !! Now want two runs on a ball. Could this be another super over? Rohit went for a shot and his bat was tied with pads.

Ball 4: M. Shami to R. Sharma, Dot Ball !!! Oooho, awesome cricket !!! Slice the ball inserted in the root towards the point but the run chance is not available.

Ball 3: M. Shami to D Cock, another single !!! The ball inserted at the root got a single run played towards the covers. 3 ball 3 run needed

Ball 2: M. Shami to R. Sharma, Single !!! Hit in the direction of covers but did not have time, got a single run. 4 ball 4 run needed

Ball 1: M. Shami to D Cock, Single !!! Ram shot to the ball outside off-stump. Taking the inner edge off the pads and going to the point. 5 ball 5 run |

In the second super over of Super Sunday where Punjab set a target of 6 runs in front of Mumbai. Rohit Sharma and D Cock have come in chasing the target for Mumbai.

Ball 6: b. Bumrah to a. Rahul, out !!! LBW !!! Only scored 5 runs. Target of 6 runs against Mumbai

Ball 5: b. Bumrah to a. Rahul, took two runs from mid-wicket direction Rahul there.

Ball 4: B. Bumrah to D. Huda, same run scored. Played the ball inserted at the root towards the fine leg. Participated the second run.

Ball 3: b. Bumrah to K. Rahul, played towards mid-wicket, got a single run. 1 run scored so far.

Ball 2: b. Bumrah to N. Purran, OUT !!! Catch Out !!! Goed full toss to pull the ball but the outside edge of the bat went to third man. Chahar caught a running catch upside down.

Ball 1: b. Bumrah to a. Rahul, single !!! Killed the full toss ball towards Rohit, standing in the direction of the covers. Runs Run |

Today is the second super over in Super Sunday. Punjab needed 7 runs in the last over which Hooda and Jordan came to the crease KL Rahul and Nicholas Pooran from Punjab to bat first till the super over. While Jasprit Bumrah is ready for Mumbai with the ball in the super over …

19.6 overs (1 run) Single and Super Over !!! run out!!! Second Super Over of the Day !!! Today it seems that it was Super Over, not T20 cricket. Played the ball on long on and ran for another run. Jordan ran around the non-striker end with a very large circle, due to which he remained quite a bit away from the crease. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: WICKET! Chris Jordan run out (Kieron Pollard) 13 (8b, 2×4, 0x6). Kings XI Punjab 176/6 (20.0 Ov). Target: 177; RRR:

19.5 overs (1 run) Single !! 1 ball 2 run | Another Super Over Comes !!! It could have been wide outside the off-stump but bat on it.

19.4 overs (0 runs) could have been wide here but survived again and again. The ball was put on the line of the leg stump and the batsman sat shuffling on the off stump.

Played the ball on long on 19.3 overs (1 run) and was satisfied with one run. 3 ball 3 runs needed.

19.2 overs (4 runs) Oops !! Chowk !! French cut !! Ximat supported Punjab and the batsman. Keeper attempt but could not catch the ball there. 4 ball 4 run | Will there be another super over? MI vs KXIP: Match 36: Chris Jordan hits Trent Boult for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 173/5 (19.2 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 6

19.1 overs (1 run) Oops !!! Excellent fielding Nathan at short square leg and saved a four !! Is the match saved here !!! Jumping in the air like a bird, stopped the ball from being hit there. 5 ball 8 runs needed.

Trent Bolt ready for the last over, needing 9 runs off 6 balls.

18.6 overs (0 runs) Dot Ball !! An important dot ball !!! Needed 9 runs off 6 balls. Dodged the batsman with a slow ball and managed to beat. Another match has gone till the last over.

18.5 overs (2 runs) got two runs. Played the ball in front and ran quickly to complete the second run.

18.4 overs (4 runs) fours !! 8 ball 11 runs needed. Bad Bowling by Nathan | Ball outside the leg stump, on which the batsman just bat, Ur fine leg got the boundary. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: Chris Jordan hits Nathan Coulter-Nile for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 166/5 (18.4 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 8.25

18.3 overs (1 run) Catch drop !!! Chahar missed an easy catch on Hooda’s fine leg for 20 runs. These catches cannot be matches. Pads line ball was hit in the air and a big miss from Fielder.

Ball of 18.2 overs (4 runs) and valuable four runs with Deepak Hooda’s bat. Took advantage of the slow ball and found the gap on the third man. 10 balls needed 16 runs. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: Deepak Hooda hits Nathan Coulter-Nile for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 161/5 (18.2 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.6

18.1 overs (2 runs) Length Ball !! Hit the ball towards long on and run for two runs.

A great spell from Bumrah with 17.6 overs (0 runs) and the end of the over. The work he was brought for did while getting Rahul’s wicket. 12 balls needed 22 runs.

17.5 overs (1 run) towards mid-wicket, Hooda played the ball and scored a run.

17.4 overs (1 run) Low full toss ball got one run played in front.

Chris Jordan has come to bat …

17.3 overs (0 runs) Bold !!!! Clean Bold !!! Mumbai has not taken this wicket in their hands. Excellent bowling was seen here by Bumrah. KL Rahul returned to the pavilion after scoring 77 runs. Jaspreet Bumrah made his third victim The yorker line ball was off the stump. Rahul brought the bat down until the ball went to the stumps. 153/5 Punjab | MI vs KXIP: Match 36: WICKET! KL Rahul b Jasprit Bumrah 77 (51b, 7×4, 3×6). Kings XI Punjab 153/5 (17.3 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.6

17.2 overs (2 runs) completed the first run by pushing the ball forward towards the covers. Fielder picked up the ball and threw it at the non-striker end. Mid wicket to ball | Another run came in over throw.

17.1 overs (1 run) Full toss ball on leg stump, got 1 run, played towards mid-wicket.

Jasprit Bumrah has been brought in to bowl. This can be the match turning over…

16.6 overs (1 run) played the ball towards the third man with light hands and got a single. 18 balls required 27 runs. The combat takes a more exciting approach.

16.5 overs (0 runs) went to cut the ball outside the off stump but at the beat speed there.

16.4 overs (1 run) played on the leg side with light hands on the leg side and scored runs.

16.3 overs (4 runs) FOUR !!! Rahul is wreaking havoc on Mumbai bowlers. Don’t spare even the finest yorker. This time the cover boundary was targeted. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: KL Rahul hits Nathan Coulter-Nile for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 148/4 (16.3 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 8.29

16.2 overs (2 runs) by Pollard at the best fielding long on boundary. Scored two runs in the gap.

16.1 overs (2 runs) Flick the pads line ball to the leg side and score two runs.

15.6 overs (6 runs) Sixes !!!! Pull a small ball inserted in the length towards the fine leg. Ball went straight to six Punjab needed 37 runs at the rate of 9.25 per over in 24 balls to win. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: It’s a SIX! Deepak Hooda hits Jasprit Bumrah. Kings XI Punjab 140/4 (16.0 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 9.25

15.5 overs (1 run), pushing the ball forward towards mid-off, took a single.

15.4 overs (4 runs) Excellent cut short !!! Will get a surprise Off the off-stump, the ball was cut off. Got a chance to open arms and took full advantage. The ball went out quickly from the left side of the fielder. Deep cover for four runs at the speed of the shot across the boundary. MI vs KXIP: Match 36: KL Rahul hits Jasprit Bumrah for a 4! Kings XI Punjab 133/4 (15.4 Ov). Target: 177; RRR: 10.15

Pushed in the direction of 15.3 overs (0 runs) point could not create a run chance.

15.3 overs (0 runs) Wide !!! The ball thrown outside the off stump was declared wide by the umpire.

Meanwhile Ishaan Kishan was injured and went off the field …

15.2 overs (1 run) 1 run, pushed to mid-off.

15.1 overs (2 runs) scored 2 runs while pulling the ball on the leg stump towards mid-wicket.



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