My father Kumar Shanu questioned my mother's upbringing- Jaan Kumar Shanu

Jaan Kumar Sanu Exclusive Interview: Singer Jan Kumar Sanu has moved out of Bigg Boss house. Jaan says that he and his mother thought that they would be able to stay in the Bigg Boss house for two to three weeks but they have come a long way for seven weeks. He lived because of his game, not because of luck or nepotism. A conversation with Urmila Corey.

How was the experience of Bigg Boss?

Has been a lifetime experience. Got to learn a lot about both life and humans. Value of small things of life came to know. If I say that the price of rice, lentils and roti came to know, it would not be wrong

On the Marathi issue, your father Kumar Shanu questioned your mother’s upbringing. What do you say?

First of all, I would like to apologize again if my words have hurt the sentiments of the Marathi community. I did not intend to offend anyone. As far as the video of Papa questioning my upbringing is concerned, it is shocking and surprising for me too. I do not think any father should speak like that. I just got out of Bigg Boss house. I will talk to my father about why he said this. By the way, Bigg Boss is such a show where the reactions of the people living in the house of Bigg Boss but also outside, also start hitting.

What is the role of your father Kumar Shanu in your upbringing?

When I was 6 months old in my mother’s stomach, my father Kumar Shanu had separated from my mother. My mother has raised me completely. My mother has completed everything from my studies. Whatever I have done and will do in my career. All his credit goes to my mother and my maternal grandmother’s family. If my father had supported me, I would not have had to go to the Big Boss. Till now I used to sing in many films. My father never wanted to promote me. I am very sorry for this. I have seen in Bollywood that many big names have also been estranged from their first marriage. Due to which the marriage is broken, but whatever their anger or problems. Because of the wife she has, the children have never faced any problem, but my brothers and I have paid a lot due to this.

Have you missed your father?

My mother never let me miss Dad. He performed both the responsibilities well. She has been both to me. Along with this, I will also say that as I was growing up, seeing the dad of others, why did my dad not feel like this.

Will you try to fix your relationship with your father now or is it too late?

There is never any delay in relationships. Whatever happens, my father will always be there. I will talk to them

It was also revealed in Bigg Boss house that Nikki Tamboli used you, what do you say?

It was tagged in the first week. If you are in the Big Boss house and do more than two things with someone, then people start saying that it has been affected. Salman Khan and Pavitra Punia also said that I am being targeted. I will say that no one has used me. Whatever I have done, done with my mind.

Despite Nikki accusing you of kissing, you continued to talk to her, what was the reason?

When you are locked in a house for 24 hours with some people and some people are with you, then you have to ignore some things. What will you do by getting angry? If you pique, then people will target you that this man is not talking. This is the reason that no matter how much you fight inside the house, you have to forget things. If you do not move, the game move will be turned on. This is the reason why Jasmine Rahul, Abhinav Ijaz talks to each other despite the fight. To be honest, after the kissing thing, I started keeping a little distance from Nikki. How can someone say this on national television. I thought that very much. After coming out of the house, I would not like to have any kind of relationship with them.

Whom would you like to be friends with after leaving the house?

I will be friends with the holy and brother-in-law. They have supported me. They are both playing very well too. I think either one of them should become a winner.

What are you going to do in your career?

I am busy with my work. You will get to hear very good songs soon. I will request the entire industry to listen to me. Give me work I am not the result of nepotism.

When are you going on vacation?

I am still working I would like to go with my mother and brother in late December.


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