I am in politics and my dream is also of a different Bihar. Let me make one thing clear that I have no personal separation with Nitish Kumar, who is also the face of NDA in this election. My decision to separate from NDA in Bihar and go to the elections alone was because of my belief that if my state has to develop, it needs a double engine government in which a BJP leader should take charge of the state and the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Could walk step by step with self-sufficient India.

Look at his performance after Nitish Kumar returned to the NDA in 2017. It is only about him and his seven convictions that have become a hotbed of corruption. I request every citizen of the country to come to Bihar and see for themselves and decide what is the result of the money spent under these schemes.

This is nothing less than the loot of taxpayers’ money. Sorry, but I cannot be a part of their agenda. Just to tease us and insult us, he also launched the Seven Definitive Part 2.

Hence my main objective is a BJP-led government that can work on the agenda of the NDA. Even when we were part of his government, he had nothing to do with Bumushkil’s allies and I do not want to be part of any government where my agenda is ignored.

Under Bihar First, Bihari First Mission, we consulted more than 4 lakh people and included their advice in the state’s manifesto. If the migration of laborers to other states is a big issue, then see, we have come up with a solution. This approach has also been adopted regarding development and reduction of industrialization. Or to be better prepared for floods, or to improve education. For each of these challenges, we have an action plan ready in case the BJP-led government comes to power. This is my main goal.

I would like to emphasize that in the manner of Nitish Kumar that “15 years ago it was like this, and now I have done so much, do satisfaction”, my patience was responding. You are not ready for any new or modern idea and this kind of mentality will overwhelm the people of Bihar and I do not approve of this. Nitish Kumar is comparing a bad situation to a worse situation. I have to do something against such administration.

Look at the way our Prime Minister Narendra Modi works and his performance – he is my role model for governance. Only because of him we have been in the NDA since 2014 – not like Nitish Kumar who went out and challenged the PM. This is cheating. It is a different matter that people finally taught him a lesson, he had to come back to the PM and take shelter.

Yes, I stand firmly with the PM but the decision I have taken allows me to work for the good of my people. That is why when people ask me why I left NDA in Bihar, it is not about how many seats we got in elections. We have hardly discussed it. The leaders and activists of my party appealed to me to keep the interests of Bihar and Biharis safe. I could not name any BJP leader as the Chief Ministerial candidate, but now after the elections I am focusing on the BJP’s state head.



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