Washington: NASA’s spacecraft has created history in space by the US space agency. A passenger space just as large as the spacecraft that Lockheed Martin built has successfully hit the Asteroid Bennu. Bennu is about 200 million miles from Earth. The spacecraft has touched the rocky part of the asteroid with the help of a robotic arm. The agency says that this experiment will help solve the unresolved mysteries of the universe.

According to the Washington Post news, Dente Loretta, associated with this mission, said, “I can’t believe we did it.” NASA officials say the spacecraft is completely safe and will now collect samples from the planet. The agency says that a Bennu of about 550 meters in diameter can reach very close to the Earth in the coming 150 years. Even though the risk of it hitting the Earth is very low at that time, but NASA is considering this planet as the most dangerous planet.

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Let us know that this spacecraft will return to Earth in 2023. He will bring about two kilograms of samples with him. It can be more. If it succeeds, it will be NASA’s first historical breakthrough in bringing samples from a remote planet. NASA scientists say that this sample will try to find out how the universe originated and how the water will end up on Earth.

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It is believed that Bennu, which looks like a walnut, is about 45 million years old and many minerals are present on it. The possibility of carbon and water here also cannot be ruled out. Significantly, this mission was started in 2016. The ‘Osiris Rex’ is the first American spacecraft to be sent on an asteroid. In 2005, Japan sent its ‘Hayabusa’ test craft to a remote planet. He returned to Earth in 2010 with a sample collected from the surface there.



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