National Women’s Commission (NCW) Chairman Rekha Sharma met Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari here on Tuesday and held talks on issues related to women in the state, including the ‘rising cases of love jihad’. According to a statement of the Commission, Sharma claimed that there has been an increase in the cases of ‘Love Jihad’ in Maharashtra. According to the statement, the chairman also stated the need to appoint a full-time chairman in the State Women’s Commission. According to the release, Sharma told the governor that ‘love jihad’ cases are increasing in the state.

He drew the Governor’s attention on this subject, underlining the difference between marriage and love jihad of people of different religions by mutual consent. Some right-wing commentators use the term ‘love jihad’ and allege that Hindu women are tricked into marrying by seducing them. The NCW chairperson also pointed out that about 4,000 complaints could not be resolved due to lack of a chairperson in the State Women’s Commission.

According to the release of the Commission, the Chairman of the Commission also told the need to enact a law like the Direction Act of Andhra Pradesh which provides for the completion of cases against women in crime quickly and severe punishment.

Congress on Tuesday accused the central government of failing to deal with the Corona virus crisis after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation and said that the country now wants a concrete solution, not a ‘blank note’. Party General Secretary Randeep Surjewala and spokesperson Pawan Kheda issued a statement saying, “On March 24, 2020, Modi ji said that the war of Mahabharata had lasted 18 days and it would take 21 days to win the war from Corona.” But even after 210 days, ‘Mahabharata of Corona epidemic’ has spread all over the country, people are dying, but Modi ji is working with a “blatant address on television” instead of “solution”.

He alleged, “The Modi government has proved completely ineffective and ineffective in fighting Corona.” In the ravages of the epidemic, the BJP has left the people of the country in a state of disarray. “Congress leaders said,” India has become the ‘Corona Capital’ of the world today. According to the data released on October 19, 2020, India is now at the first place in the world in infection of corona epidemic. “He presented several statistics related to corona virus, claiming,” Corona infection in India in 100 days by one lakh Increased to 75 lakhs. This speaks of gross failure and inefficiency. “Surjewala and Kheda said,” Modi ji in his address to the nation said that there is no hope of ending the corona till the medicine comes.

Our scientists are engaged in developing corona vaccine from Jijan: PM Modi

Do not understand how many times you will trick the country by lying contradictory lies to each other. The country now wants a concrete solution, not a blank speech. “Significantly, Prime Minister Modi said on Tuesday that the lockdown may have ended, but the corona virus has not been eradicated. He said that unless the country gets success in the fight against Corona, then carelessness should not be taken. Modi said in his address to the nation that India is in a stable state today and in any case it should not be allowed to deteriorate.



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