The Supreme Court’s decision to give permanent commission to women in the army is historic. This order was long awaited. An argument has been made against this that male soldiers have hesitated to take orders from female officers. It was being argued that our rural society still maintains malevolent thinking and the male mentality does not accept women as officers. But the reality is completely different. I have served the country 13 years in the army. In these years, it has never felt that a young man had any problem with my order or he did not accept it. Our army is such a good organization in the world that you cannot think of any such thing. If you are a better officer, then a young person does not have any problem with you, rather they always cooperate. The maleist mindset does not come anywhere, Nor are you underestimated as a female officer. It is a matter of disobeying the orders of the soldiers (which does not happen), then it can happen to anyone; Then whether it is a male officer or a female officer.

In fact, due to non-receipt of permanent commission, there were some other problems. The first problem was that the women officers did not know that after serving for 14 years they would get a chance like their male counterparts. She lived in a maze. I myself served in the military for 13 years. But after that I joined a corporate company. The reason for this was that if I waited longer, it is possible that I would not get such opportunities. And for me, all those doors would also be closed, where I could do better. This problem has been facing many other women officers as well. When you do not know whether your job is permanent or not, then such a problem will occur. The good thing is that it will not happen now. Now women will take the Indian Army not as a job opportunity, but as a career. She will do her full term.

The Supreme Court’s order of Monday has come late, but it has come right. The Air Force and Navy had already started giving permanent commission to women. There women do all the work that men officers do. This is not the case with Combat Arms in the Army. Now, after getting a permanent commission in the army, women serving as a career will avoid leaving their service in between. They will get the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Pension will be available. If seen, this order of the Supreme Court will prove to be a milestone in the direction of empowering them. 

Of course, this decision has brought about their permanent commission and it does not say anything concrete about their work in the battlefield, but this order arouses confidence. It is expected that soon women will be seen standing in the front row to take the front from enemies. Actually, all the fighting parts of the army offer courses according to their needs. As of now, women have not been commissioned in the infantry, armored and artillery in the combat organs, so women cannot take courses in them. They have been commissioned in all the other organs. He was appointed as a lieutenant as soon as he finished training. Now as soon as permanent commissioned, they will get a chance to progress in hierarchy over lieutenant colonel like men. There will be new enthusiasm in them With passion, she will think about moving forward.

Women have been serving in the troubled areas as associate members of all other organs of the Army except Infantry, Armored and Artillery. Hence the mentality that women will not succeed in the battlefield is wrong. I do not agree with this. A phrase in the army is quite popular, military exercises are much more needed in peacetime. Our army also does the same. Warm deserts or cold regions, women have been involved in these military exercises. These exercises create the same kind of atmosphere as in war. Here women practice shoulder to shoulder with men. Physical impairment is not felt anywhere. Then why should their entry into Combat Arms be forbidden? During my tenure, I also participated in all kinds of exercises, and nowhere did I face any problem. Yes, Being a woman can sometimes feel a different need, but she never lets women dominate her. Remember, we women have never been behind in making sacrifices.

Overall, Monday’s Supreme Court order marks a new future for women. He has rightly said that we should change our mindset about women. Just as women serving in the army have been given equal opportunities by giving permanent commission, it is expected that they will also be included in Combat Arms, where they will prove to be less than anywhere. 


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