WhatsApp has become an important part of life. Work from personal life to office is now being done on WhatsApp itself. It is obvious that you are forced to join many such groups in which you do not want to join yourself. Again and again, the notifications of these groups also continue to bother unnecessarily. But now a feature has come in WhatsApp that will give you relief from this problem forever.

Aya Mute Forever Option
Facebook (Facebook)-owned messaging platform Whatsapp has finally updated the option of Mute Forever for users around the world. The announcement of the introduction of this feature for Android and iOS users has been shared by WhatsApp on Twitter. The messaging platform has confirmed that this new feature will also be available on WhatsApp for the web version.

Actually, if you do not want to have more than chats of a WhatsApp group, then there was an option to mute it for a few days. The app allowed users to mute chat for a few hours, weeks or a year. But, now the option of muting chat for 1 year has been removed forever. The introduction of the new mute option will provide relief to those users who never want to unmute some chats. The new mute feature will be rolled out via the OTA update.

How to update WhatsApp To update
WhatsApp, you have to go to Google Play Store on your Android device. In case of iPhone, update from App Store itself. Be sure to connect your device with a stable WiFi connection before updating the messaging application. After updating, you will find ‘Mute Forever’ feature in a list under Mute option in the Settings menu. Click on the option to mute that particular chat forever


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