US President Donald Trump’s address at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad was special in many respects. He not only remembered the unity, culture and heritage of this country, but also discussed the growing closeness of America with India. He also made his priority very important; Then whether it is to combat Islamic terrorism together, or to work in the military sector or to accelerate space science.

He described a ‘chai wala’ as the power of democracy here to reach the peak of power. How unique the friendship between the Heads of Government of the two countries was, it was known before Trump’s visit to India. Before coming here, he had said that it is difficult to reach an agreement with India for not doing well in the field of business, but Prime Minister Modi is my good friend. 

However, while saying this, Trump sat in disarray that India is a vibrant democracy, and only the expectations of the common people reflect its Prime Minister. But at his reception on Monday, he might have realized how much friendship India respects in the country. The Ahmedabad program was an example of this.

The amount of attention that President Trump has given to India also shows that he overcame all his engagements to fulfill the promises made in the ‘Howdy Modi’ program. The process of presidential election has started in America. At this time the focus of the candidates is on domestic policies and local debates. Nevertheless, Trump preferred to spend more than 30 hours in India. If you add the time to travel in this, then the whole journey is about two and a half days. We call it america 

Can also be considered as a sign of increasing political power of Indian people. About 4 million NRIs live there. Due to working in high positions there has always been a social status, but now their influence in local politics is also increasing.

It is possible that Trump is trying to woo the Indians on the pretext of this visit, but the manner in which he openly praised India in his address, its scope cannot be limited to the presidential election alone. If it were so, then people of all religions here do not talk about living together and contributing to the prosperity of India. Perhaps before coming to India, he was told about the domestic situation here. But the way the cultural glimpse of the country was shown to them in their reception, their confusion must have been broken. He must have understood that the foundation of this country cannot be broken by a few controversies.  

President Trump also showed his determination against terrorism. The success that the US has faced with Islamic terrorism is indeed a precedent. It was not easy to break al Qaeda and IS and kill their leaders. It is good that President Trump spoke with India to fight terrorism. It states that in the list of allied countries, he is giving enough attention to India and believes that India is going through the same pain as the US has been suffering from Islamic terrorism.

India’s friendship as a strategic partner was also remembered by the US President. The special mention of the growing strategic relationship between the two countries is an indication that the US wants to relive the 1950s, when it had much better relations with India. Today, there are differences on many issues in New Delhi and Washington, but before the Cold War, both countries had good filtering. At that time, the US pressurized Britain for India’s independence. But in later years, India adopted a policy of non-alignment and in search of friendly countries, America grew closer to Pakistan. However, the reality of Pakistan is also known by America. This was the indication of President Trump’s involvement with Pakistan’s rulers (indirectly pressuring them) in the war against Islamic terrorism.

Needless to say how important the growing proximity of India and America is. The way technology (especially in the military sector) is also being exchanged in both countries, it is worth noting. Nevertheless, the instability of our immediate neighborhood is a cause for concern for us. If America comes out of Kabul without concrete arrangements, our dream of a stable Afghanistan can be shattered. It is pleasant that Prime Minister Modi has succeeded in delivering this message to President Trump. However, we must also assure our neighbors of South Asia that for American friendship we are not forgetting the neighboring religions nor can we ignore their interests. 

We also have to put our difficulties in front of America regarding bilateral trade. Not only India, the US has increased import duties on some products of all countries. Then, he has started treating us as a developed economy too. It is not in our interest. It is expected that when the two heads of government hold formal talks in New Delhi today, this issue will also arise. India has certainly made substantial progress, but even now our economy has no match with American economy. If President Trump understands this, it will be the biggest achievement of this visit.


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