Tech Desk. Nokia company has got the contract to install 4G network on the moon. Meaning that soon the moon can be talked to the earth. However, this will be an initial effort, which may take time to materialize. The Nokia companies are among the 14 companies awarded by NASA.

Nokia gets 14.1 million contract

Explain that Nokia has been awarded a contract for $ 14.1 million. On behalf of Nokia, the American subsidiary company has been selected by NASA for a special mission. Let us know that the budget given to Nokia by NASA is much smaller than Space X’s budget of $ 370 million. According to a report by Gizmochina, Nokia is working on a project of 4G Cellular Communications Network on the moon. Earlier too, the company had shown interest in bringing high-speed cellular connectivity to the moon. According to the report, the 4G system made for Nokia from the moon can support communication over the moon surface in greater distance, faster speed and in a better way

Nokia made its first attempt in the year 2018

Earlier in 2018, the first attempt was made by Nokia to launch LTE network on the moon. For this, Nokia entered into a partnership with PTScientists, the German space firm, Vodafone UK, with plans to set up a network on the moon. However, this plan could not take the form of reality.


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