Airtel has now reduced the time limit for ringing bells on its network to 25 seconds, which is typically 40 to 45 seconds. Earlier, Reliance jio also reduced the bell time on its network to 25 seconds. At the same time, in addition to Airtel, vodafone-idea has also been included in this category. Telecom companies are doing this to reduce the cost of interconnect usage charges (IUCs) incurred while the call is being connected.

According to PTI’s report, Reliance jio, Airtel and vodafone-idea have now reduced the time limit for ringing out of their network to 25 seconds from 40 to 45 seconds earlier. TRAI had recently asked the telecom companies to work out solutions on Interconnect Usage Charges. After which Reliance jio, Airtel and vodafone-idea have taken this decision. Hopefully, this new deadline will be implemented soon.

Airtel has informed TRAI through a letter that it has now decided to reduce the time of ringing of the phone to 25 seconds. However, this can cause problems to users as it is often late to pick up the phone. But if the bell rings for such a short time, then users will have to face inconvenience.

The PTI report informs that TRAI is planning to make an open between telecom companies on October 14 regarding the deadline for ringing the phone and Interconnect Usage Charges will be discussed openly in this discussion. Airtel says that the deadline of ringing the phone will increase the number of missed calls in the phone and the impact on call quality can be adversely affected.


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