These days the demand for electric scooters is increasing. In particular, the demand for scooters that give good mileage once charged is high. In such a situation, Hero Electric has introduced a scooter that gives an average of more than 200 km in one-time charging. The initial price of this electric scooter named Hero Nyx-HX is Rs 64,640. This is its ex-showroom price in Delhi after the FAME II subsidy. The running cost in this scooter is extremely low, as well as it can easily carry heavy items. The Hero Nyx-HX electric scooter has been introduced in the market in many variants.

Hero Electric Nyx-HX is a commercial electric scooter according to our partner website . It has been specially designed for the delivery of food and drink. The range of this new electric scooter from Hero is 82 km to 210 km in full charge once. That is, the initial variant of the scooter will run 82 kilometers on full charge, while the top variant will run 210 kilometers.

According to Hero, users can customize this new electric scooter according to their business needs. To customize the scooter, many options such as ice box and split seats will be available. Hero Electric has launched the new series of scooters for business-to-business solutions and will compete in the market with commercial electric scooters of other companies including Bajaj.

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The Hero Electric Nyx-HX electric scooter has many features. It comes with four levels for on-demand connectivity with Bluetooth interface. The facility to track this electric scooter is also provided in it. This new e-scooter from Hero Electric has a 0.6 kW electric motor. The top speed of the scooter is 42 km / h. It has a battery pack of 1.536 kWh. This electric scooter comes with combined braking system and regenerative braking.



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