OnePlus wins users' heart by delivering performance and better service, will occupy future market

One and a half decades ago there used to be one or two brands of mobiles in the market and users had to choose the best phone from those brands. But now the time has changed. Today, mobile users have a lot of options. They can choose any smartphone according to their choice, which in addition to good features, gives them a great camera, tremendous processor and battery.

By the way, whenever a user buys a smartphone, a question definitely comes in his mind, which brand of phone should be taken? Because everyone makes promises, but there are very few brands who live up to those promises. Recently a survey was done named ‘Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2019’. The main objective of this survey was to find out whether smartphone users are satisfied with their brand.

How satisfied are users with your current smartphone?

User satisfaction is extremely important for any brand. This becomes even more important for smartphone companies. If you talk about how satisfied users are with their current smartphone? So here OnePlus wins the game. 8 out of its 10 users believe that they are quite happy with the OnePlus phone. This brand has won the trust of users in a very short time. It is always their endeavor that users get the best phone, so their team works on all aspects of the phone. Whereas OnePlus has got 79.9% in terms of smartphone satisfaction, Realme is right behind it with 65%. Apple is ranked third with 63.2%.

Which brand is more satisfied with users regarding performance?

The performance of the phone can be detected only by its specialty. In this case also, OnePlus has won the trust of the people. While OnePlus is at the first place with 88.1%, Apple is second with 79.5% and Realme is third with 69.1%. At the same time, OnePlus is ahead of the rest of the brands in terms of phone screen. 83% of its users are quite happy with their screen. Apple ranks second in this category with 75% and Samsung with 71%.

Who is next in terms of software?

Software is an important aspect for any smartphone, but many people ignore it. When it comes to software satisfaction, in this survey, Apple with 81% and Nokia with 67.5% are in second and third position respectively, but OnePlus is also in the first place. 86% of its users trust its software.

Who is ahead in giving better service

After purchasing the phone, the service center is most needed. No matter how big a smartphone, if the service center is not there, then that phone has no meaning. Not only this, what kind of service is being given, it also matters for smartphone users. By the way, OnePlus has always been ahead in this matter and it also shows from the Great Indian Smartphone Survey. OnePlus is on top with 79%, followed by Apple in second place and OPPO in third place.

When it comes to trusting the brand, it has been seen that people prefer Apple smartphones more. But the Great Indian Smartphone Survey is breaking the perception of people. According to this survey, OnePlus has won the trust of the people with 62.8% and is occupying the first place, while in the second place is Apple which has got 62.8%.

Which brand of smartphones will users buy in future?

A user shows confidence in the smartphone brand only if he uses it himself. Only then does he decide whether he will buy the phone of this brand in future. Currently, users have relied on Xiaomi and Samsung with 23.6% and 21.4% respectively, but according to this survey, OnePlus will occupy the hearts of people in the future. In the future, OnePlus will be the top brand with 18.3%, while Samsung with 16.8% will be second and Xiaomi third with 16.6%.


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