Covid-19 means corona virus infection is continuously spreading. 125 countries of the world have been caught in it. According to statistics, more than 1.25 million people are infected and the virus has become the cause of death of more than 4,700 people. That is why the World Health Organization has now declared it a global epidemic. The head of the organization, Tedros Gabrayes, admits that we have not encountered such an epidemic before. He is expecting this infection to increase further. Since no vaccine or medicine has been made against it so far, awareness and prevention is the only way to avoid it.

It is a matter of relief for India to some extent that till now patients in confirmed cases have come infected from other countries. That is why his relatives who came in contact with him have been put up for screening. So far no such patient has been identified who has been infected while living in India. A big reason for this is the climate here. In the Indian concept, only water and air can be infected or contaminated out of the five elements (earth, water, fire, sky and air) required for body-building. It is through these that an infection spreads. It is pleasant that our climate is not yet able to carry the infection, and there is an expectation that the virus will be neutralized as temperatures rise.

This does not mean that we should be relaxed. Our concern should be more, because healthcare in the country, especially in the villages, is not considered effective in fighting common diseases. It is not a hidden fact that the health infrastructure of rural areas is itself ill. Of course, efforts are on to fix it, but even now the current picture is not very pleasant. As such, a major infection can take serious form here.

The number of corona virus-infected patients in the country has exceeded 70. Four of these have been completely recovered, while the rest are said to be stable. Apparently, they are being provided the necessary treatment. Although medical science advocates modern education, efforts are being made to prevent this transition from traditional medical practice, food and lifestyle. The Health Department has intensified awareness and rescue campaigns in urban areas as well as rural areas. For the prevention of this viral disease, not only the primary preparations have been completed, but all the necessary information, research and latest information available till now are being sent to the doctors. Such efforts are not taking place in one part, but in the whole country.

The basic precautions that should be taken care of to prevent infection of viral diseases, the same precautions are being taken in case of Covid-19. Avoid going to crowded places, covering the mouth and nose in case you go, meet people from a distance of one meter, greet people in accordance with Indian culture instead of shaking hands, after touching someone and before eating. The health department is continuously advising to adopt some basic habits like washing with soap. We have to understand that the treatment of Covid-19 will undoubtedly be provided at the government level, but we have to take measures ourselves to avoid any infection.

Satisfactory arrangements are being made to prevent the spread of this infection in backward urban areas and rural areas. Work is being done with priority on how to prevent this infection from spreading? For this, awareness campaigns are being conducted in the villages. Panels related to the corona virus are being distributed in every village. Information regarding this is being provided on loudspeakers. Information is being provided to the people at the level of district, block and gram panchayats through Anganwadi workers, school teachers and various government mechanisms. They are being educated and aware. Through teachers in schools, effective measures are being given to students and parents to prevent and prevent its spread.

The impact of these awareness campaigns has started showing. Individuals who have symptoms such as a cold and cold are themselves going to the nearest doctor. People are not being negligent. Doctors are also investigating suspected patients separately. Since awareness and prevention is the only cure, it is pleasant to see that people are becoming aware of the corona virus in time.

A good thing has also happened that treatment of this infection has been brought under health insurance. That is, it can be treated under health insurance. In an epidemic, insurance companies generally do not accept insurance claims. But the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) has directed the insurance companies to pay the insurance claims of corona virus patients soon. This will definitely provide some financial relief to the people. However, in spite of all these measures we have to be vigilant. There is no need to panic. According to the Health Department, the situation is completely under control. Obviously, public awareness is required in this regard. The screening of suspects, the treatment of patients and the healthy lifestyle of the well-being are currently the key to the rescue of Covid-19.


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