I start this column with a good news in this turbulent time. Tamanna Ali of Bareilly was pregnant. Her delivery period was over, but her husband was stuck in Noida. Because of the complete lockdown, there was no way that he could reach his wife on this delicate occasion. There was no one to take Tamanna to the hospital. She was struggling with emotional conflict in such difficult times.

As soon as the news of ‘Hindustan’ correspondent Avnish Pandey came to know about this, he made it known to the SSP of Bareilly, because for us at that time the importance of humanity was more than the choppy news. Bareilly SSP spoke to Noida Police Commissioner and he asked Noida Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Ranvijay Singh to assist him. A carriage for Tamanna’s husband was arranged through Rannvijay Singh. On the way, no one stopped them – Noida Police also took responsibility for this. Shortly after Anees Khan arrived, Tamanna gave birth to a son Ratna. The couple has named their son, Rannvijay Khan. Rannvijay Singh is an officer of Uttar Pradesh Police and posted as Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police in Noida. Hopefully, Rannvijay Khan will grow up to carry forward the tradition of communal harmony and Indian duty devotion.

It is a matter of comfort that all the people and organizations in India are working together with the government to beat Corona. As the days are passing by, this door of cooperation is becoming stronger, but much work is still to be done in this direction, which I will discuss further. Now come on the situation of the world. It has been reported from Britain that after the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister and Health Minister have also become patients of Corona. These are the people who made fun of the outbreak of this epidemic early. This careless attitude of his has put the lives of not only him but also his countrymen in jeopardy. By the time these lines were written in Britain, 759 people have been killed and 14,543 have been found infected. This country, which once ruled the world, is shivering with the fear of Corona.

Shivering is also in America. Even the zealous President Donald Trump did not take this disaster seriously in the initial stages. Like Boris Johnson, he was also making fun of it. This is the reason America is caught in an unprecedented crisis. So far Corona has left 1,704 people untimely and more than one lakh people have been found infected. It is amazing that America, which declared itself to be the paradise of the earth, had no special preparations to fight this disaster. New York, which calls itself the best city in the world, has the worst of conditions. The Governor and Mayor Trump are extremely angry with the government. The kind of political Tu-Tu, I-I coming to see there, it shows the hollowness of American harmony and brotherhood.

Freezers have been installed outside the hospitals so that dead bodies may be kept in them in case of premature death. A doctor posted as a senior doctor in the emergency department of a famous hospital in New York was shown crying on CNN. She was saying that it is trying to tell that everything is going well, but the reality is that nothing is right here. Our patients are dying and we are unable to do anything. It is okay that the severity of any pandemic cannot be predicted, but a US stockpile of chemical weapons would prove so clumsy in terms of medical facilities, it was unthinkable.

The condition of Europe is very bad. In Spain and Italy, the death toll has been increasing, and there has been a shortage of coffins for cremation. No wonder these countries are very angry with China. Trump will try to overthrow his incompetence in the upcoming US presidential election. This may have far-reaching consequences on the world diplomacy table. China also does not desist from teasing America in this matter. When the White House is struggling to save the lives of its patients, Chinese President Xi Jinping is offering ventilator grants to countries in Europe. It is evident that he would like her support in return.

Now come to India. Some people allege that the entire lockdown does not provide a meaningful solution. In this rare time, when it is not possible to know which person has this infectious virus hidden in their body, besides lockdown, what was the option? Photographs of Mumbai’s local, Delhi and Kolkata metro crowds are often seen, but the way Tempo and other vehicles used for transportation in our villages need to be stopped as they are packed. On Friday evening, the unsuspecting Boris Johnson was advocating for social distancing. Is there any other way to implement social distancing in India other than lockdown?

If we are able to avoid or reduce the third and decisive phase of social transition, it will always be remembered in world history. Even if this could not happen, the disaster had already entered our house, there was no other way than to reduce its loss. The time has come when Indian society should realize its responsibility towards itself and create social distance in the interest of society. Not only this, we will also have to serve the poor Narayan according to our strength for a few days. This is our tradition as well, and helplessness too. No government can just pacify the apps of such a large population from the treasury.



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