AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has attacked the Modi government at the Center for the order to ‘remove thousands of disqualified people ‘ from the ‘final list’ of Assam ‘s NRC (National Register of Citizens) . He alleged on Sunday that a new exercise is being started to remove some Bengali Muslims by dismissing the list there.

Owaisi wrote a tweet saying, ‘BJP was a major supporter of NRC in Assam. The people of Assam had to go through many difficulties even to get their names listed, now the BJP is disappointed that more and more Muslims have not been excluded in this list. His ‘millions of illegal migrants’ horror story turned out to be false. Now these people are trying to dismiss the final list and so that ‘a sufficient number of’ Bengali Muslims can be excluded from the list.

He said that ‘these people want to show this by showing administrative cleverness that the final NRC list has not been published so that it can be changed. But the list has been published on 31, 2019.

He wrote in another tweet that ‘LRCR, DRCR’s power can be used only after NRC list is published. RGI has not yet notified the NRC list. After the release of the list of NRC, it is illegal to make any changes in it. Stop this unnecessarily dragging process. Notify the list. Stop pulling it for your political meaning.

Owaisi said on the new order that ‘DRCRs are being asked to exclude people who are’ ineligible ‘. Can DRCRs expel anyone without a hearing? Ever since the NRC has been issued, there has not been any appeal process. Without any further process, people will be excluded from the list, then they will have no option left.

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Please tell that last week information came that district officials in Assam have been ordered to remove the names of ‘unqualified’ persons from the ‘final’ list published in August last year. The names to be removed are in the thousands. A letter from the Deputy Commissioners (DC) of Civil Registration (DRCR) in 33 districts of Assam and the district’s registrar to Hitesh Dev Sarma, the state’s most senior officer, said insiders from the NRC, including the speaker to take these thousands of people into custody. Tells to issue orders.



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