Parents studying till 8th place tea and drink, son got admission in IIT Kanpur

This is the story of Anmael Ahirwar, who lives in a slum inhabited by MP Nagar, the most posh area of ​​the city. Parents educated up to the 8th place tea-and-tea gum in the hallway of the house, and the family lives by this. Father makes tea and mother sells paan. Both have barely earned 5-6 thousand a month. There are two small rooms in the house, in which half of the board is covered with the stuff of gumthi, and on half the priceless and their brothers sit and read.

The characters of books are barely visible in slow light. Anamel got selected at IIT Kanpur in October last month. Completed the admission process 5 days in advance and joined the online class. Anmael, who scored 87% in 10th and 89.2% in 12th, has studied at Subhash Excellence School in the city. This school had arranged coaching for him.

Anmol says … the struggle is not of his parents. Otherwise they never reach here. He says that he was determined, he studied for 8 hours. The parents never got him to work, but he used to help him out by taking time out of his studies. Anmol’s school principal, Sudhakar Parashar, does not budge. He says that the entire school is proud of Anamel.

Father does not know what IIT is…
Anmol’s father said that I do not know what IIT is, but I have heard that it is very good. Mother continued to cry. She started saying that we are very young people, I do not know how I got such happiness. His elder son Anand is also doing engineering. Anand says that there was a mistake in filling my own form, then I could not get admission in a big and good engineering college. Therefore, the younger brother’s form was filled with great care.


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