Although the panic is huge, the expectations have not gone away. Almost everyone believes that even though the trouble is very big, scientists will soon find a cure for Covid-19 and also vaccine. Much progress has been made towards making the vaccine. But until this vaccine is available to the common people, we do not know how much more corona virus will cause havoc. The achievements made by medical science in the last nearly a century, they hope that this period will not last very long. At least there will not be such situations in which epidemics like plague and cholera would return every few years.
The achievements of the last century of medical science are the biggest foundation of this expectation. During this time, cures for most diseases have been discovered. While the panacea treatment is still a little far away, there has been considerable progress towards providing immediate relief to patients and improving their standard of living. Now almost every type of cancer gets treated. Any important organ like heart, liver and kidney can be completely replaced. Scientists have also come a long way towards gene therapy, which can liberate many people from genetic diseases. These achievements of medical science have so far saved the lives of millions of people in the world, reduced their sufferings and gave them a long life.
Many of these achievements of medical science are assured of the treatment of people, but often they also divide the society in many parts. A part belongs to those who can afford the cost of sophisticated treatment in case of complex diseases and problems. The cost of treatment for their income and deposits does not matter. They can go to any corner of the world for this, in the rest of the country there are hospitals with five star facilities. Others are those for whom either medical insurance is available or if they get help, they sell land and property and somehow get money for treatment. After this, it is a large population, which may somehow get facilities worth living, but cannot get treatment for serious diseases. It is believed that the public health system for such people is, in simple terms, a government hospital, Which can be an assurance for such a population to help in its critical time. But this is where the conditions are worst – a pomegranate and millions or perhaps millions of sick. The long waiting list is true for almost every part of the country even for long lines of government hospitals and much needed operation. And it is not hidden from anyone that many of these people say goodbye to this world without full treatment.
When Corona virus made its first knock in the country, most of the concerns were about this mechanism. There was a pile of such news and analysis, in which it was being told that how many doctors per thousand population, how many nurses and how many government hospitals are there in our country. The general tone of all these concerns was that if an epidemic like Covid-19 arrives in India, our medical system may prove incapable of combating it. The government also understood this and the Prime Minister announced a full lockdown of 21 days. Perhaps the thinking behind this was that such a situation should not be allowed. Anyway, after the situation we have seen in the last fortnight of America and the countries of Europe who are proud of their health system, the decision of complete lockdown seems more wise. This was also the lesson of the way China controlled the corona virus infection.
Lockdown and social distancing were a kind of defensive therapy in the midst of an epidemic. The bookish knowledge of defensive therapy or preventive treatment says that it is the easiest and most effective method, which is much cheaper than any treatment and sometimes it costs nothing. All it takes is two things – long patience and a little discipline.
In this context, if we wish, we can also consider lockdown as a medicine, which may be giving a big push to the economy, but for that people will not have to spend anything from their own pocket. But the matter is probably not so simple. The experiences of the last few days have shown that there is a large section of us who cannot afford the lockdown. Even if he is well with everyone in this defensive therapy, but this therapy is heavy on his pocket, along with the basis of his life seems to go away from him.
Apparently, only the governments could take care of him, which he later took. But his initiative was late by the time it reached the ground through the bureaucracy. Anyway, where has the bureaucracy of any country in the world been able to counter the speed of corona virus? After the lockdown was declared in our country, where millions of people from all the big cities of the country went to their respective villages and homes for shelter and food, for many people, lockdown meant work shutdown, work from Sitting home, sitting down, watching Ramayana-Mahabharata, etc. or being bored all day.
It is said that diseases do not discriminate, but they do provide medical care, even if it is a defensive therapy like lockdown. If you want, you can blame the economy and policies.


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