Covid-19 Pandemic: Workers migrating to their village at the time of CoronaVirus Lockdown are now returning to Dharavi again .. but neither work nor money. In such a situation, local people are seen helping each other and with this cooperation, efforts are also being made to reduce the corona cases in Dharavi. In the densely populated Dharavi area of ​​metropolis Mumbai, whenever food or ration is distributed by any organization, people get crowded. Many people of Dharavi have no work since the lockdown. Mohammed Farooq, a sewing worker, returned to the village under compulsion during lockdown. Have now returned but work is very less. In such a way, with the help of this way, they save some money ..

Farukh says, ‘He borrowed money and went to the village by truck. There was a lot of trouble on the way. Still no work and borrowing is increasing. Jannatul Nishad has the same condition as Farrukh. It works for cooking but now no one comes to eat. Food and ration are being given to them by the local people and organization, due to which one hardly goes home. She says, ‘There was a lot of trouble, a little ration was received and is running from that, there are still two to four people who eat. The rent of the house is 5 thousand rupees. The problem is still there.

Mumbai Metro will run again after a gap of 7 months, many rules will have to be taken care of

Significantly, Dharavi was in the news due to the fast growing cases at the beginning of the corona epidemic, but local clerics have had a big hand in reducing the cases of corona in the area. In Muslim-dominated areas, clerics roam around and appeal to the people to follow all the rules to protect the corona, which is also seeing its effect. Local cleric Majdub Ansari said, “We try to convince people that to understand this disease, we have to fight it, otherwise we will face problems on a large scale.” The initiative of spreading the message of rescue to the people through the clerics has got good results. Asif Bhamla, president of the Bhamla Foundation, says that initially we started a team of 10 clerics and saw that the elders were understanding and giving importance to them. Seeing the positive response, we gradually increased the team and got a good change.



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