Peppermint Benefits And Uses - Side Effects
Peppermint Benefits And Uses - Side Effects

Mint is a beneficial plant. Its leaves are used as a natural medicine for many physical problems ranging from increasing the flavor of dishes. Based on several scientific studies on this, it has been assumed that peppermint can show positive effects on health. This is the reason why in this article of Stylecrease we are going to tell the benefits of peppermint for the body. Here you will get to know its use and benefits of peppermint as an alternative treatment. Also, information related to the loss of peppermint has also been shared in the article. Readers should keep in mind that mint is not a cure for any disease mentioned in the article. It can only help to some extent in reducing the symptoms and effects of problems.

First of all we are telling you what is peppermint.

What is peppermint

It is an aromatic plant belonging to the Mint family. It is cultivated in many countries of the world including India. It is also used in making herbal teas to essential oils. Its use is also considered effective for health due to its medicinal properties. Research by Tufts University (Boston) found that peppermint has antimicrobial, antivirus, antioxidant and antitumor as well as anti-allergenic properties, which can work to benefit the body jointly ( 1 ). Its advantages are explained in detail below.

After knowing about mint, here we are talking about the benefits of mint leaves.

Benefits of peppermint leaf

1. To Improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common disorder that affects the large intestine. Because of this, there is a problem of abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. The use of mint can be helpful in relieving this disorder. Research has found that mint tea has antiseptic properties. The antiseptic properties found in mint tea can be helpful in relieving irritable bowel syndrome ( 2 ).

2. beneficial in enhancing memory

The medicinal properties of peppermint can be beneficial in enhancing memory. A University of England research has been done in this regard. In this research, 180 youth were fed mint tea. After 20 minutes, the researchers saw many positive results in the youth, such as increased alertness and accelerating brain function. Research also mentions that peppermint tea can help increase memory and memory speed. It can be assumed on this basis that the use of mint tea can be beneficial in enhancing memory.

3. Improve the state of nausea

The desire to vomit again and again is the problem of nausea. The benefits of peppermint can be seen here. A research on mint has been published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). The research found a positive effect of peppermint aromatherapy on vomiting and nausea. On the basis of this research, it can be said that aromatherapy of peppermint can be effective to get relief from vomiting problem with nausea ( 5 ). Presently, the medicinal properties of peppermint that relieve the problem of nausea are still the subject of research.

4. To overcome the headache problem

Headache problems can cause sleepless nights. Peppermint can be helpful to overcome this problem. According to a research by the Research General of Medicinal Plant, applying peppermint (its juice or essential oil) on the head for a while can relieve headaches. Its pain relieving properties may be influenced by the menthol present in it ( 6 ).

5. beneficial in digestion

A study on mint has shown that it can be helpful in digestion ( 7 ). Actually, it can work to relax the stomach muscles as well as improve the flow of Biles (digestive juices) that aid digestion. As a result, food is easily digested ( 6 ).

6. beneficial during breastfeeding

The use of mint can be somewhat beneficial for breastfeeding women. According to a study published on the NCBI website, Pipermint gel or solution can protect breast feeding women from nipple pain, cracks and stains around the breast or nipple. However, how this works, more research is still needed ( 8 ).

7. To get rid of cold and flu problems

The use of peppermint can be beneficial to overcome the problem of cold and flu . According to the Research General of Medicinal Plant, menthol found in peppermint may be helpful in removing mucus. It can help flush out frozen phlegm and may be beneficial in reducing cough. In addition, it can also help to relieve sore throat and dry cough ( 6 ).

8. Remove Bad Breath

Mouth odor is one of the most common complaints in dental patients. This can often cause embarrassment for the victim. Peppermint can also be used to overcome this problem. To confirm this, a week of research was conducted on 84 students. They had to rinse with mint water three times a day. Research conducted found that the mouth odor of students who rinse with peppermint water decreased. From this it can be speculated that peppermint may be helpful in reducing mouth odor ( 9 ).

9. Beneficial in depression and stress

The benefits of peppermint can also be seen in stress situations. A research done on herbal tea found that there are many such properties in them, which can relieve many problems as well as benefit in conditions like stress. Mint tea has also been reported to have many benefits in these teas, which can help relieve stress as well as relieve stomach ache, digestive problems and bad breath ( 10 ). It can thus be assumed that its positive effects on relieving stress can also be beneficial for situations such as depression. At present, which quality of mint is beneficial in removing these problems, it is still a matter of research.

10. Helpful in losing weight

The benefits of peppermint leaf can also be effective on obesity. A scientific study has also assumed that peppermint oil can reduce appetite, which can lead to over-eating habits. Consequently, it may help to control weight ( 11 ). At the same time, another research has shown that mint extracts can increase weight loss ( 12 ). Therefore, in the context of losing weight, you must get medical advice before using mint.

11. To overcome the skin problem

Bacterial infections can cause many skin diseases, including itching and burning. Here, the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of peppermint can be helpful in relieving skin problems. According to the Research General of Medicinal Plant, menthol found in peppermint may be beneficial in reducing skin itching and irritation ( 6 ).

After knowing the benefits of mint, here we are telling you about the use of mint.

How to Use Peppermint

To get the benefits of mint, it is necessary to use it properly. Learn below some common ways to use it.

  • Chutney can be made from mint leaves.
  • Mint leaves can also be added to vegetables to enhance flavor.
  • Mint tea can be made.
  • Mint juice is also taken as a tonic on medical consultation.

Quantity : Peppermint tea can be made from 1 teaspoon dried mint leaves, which can be taken two to three times daily ( 6 ). It is best to consult your doctor once for the right amount of intake.

At the end of the article, we are talking about the loss of mint.

Peppermint Damage

The medicinal properties of peppermint are not necessarily beneficial for everyone. Peppermint damage can also be seen in many situations. Here we are telling about some of the damage caused by it.

  • Those who have low sugar problem, stay away from mint. Consuming its juice may reduce the level of sugar present in the blood ( 13 ).
  • Low blood pressure patients should also consult a doctor before its intake, as its component called menthol can cause problems by lowering blood pressure levels ( 14 ).
  • To avoid any kind of harm during pregnancy, please consult the concerned doctor before its intake.
  • Those who have sensitive skin may be allergic to menthol. Therefore, they should stay away from its intake and contact.

Friends, know the benefits of peppermint through this article. After reading the information given in the article, if you want to include it in your diet, then we suggest that you take the advice of a doctor before taking it as a medicine. The doctor will give the exact amount and time of taking according to your health. Hope this article is beneficial for you. For any type of questions and suggestions, you can take the help of the comment box below.


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