Stock Market LIVE:Sensex crosses 44100; Great buy in IT and metal stocks, ONGC shares up 7%

The possibility of making money by investing in the stock market is an idea that makes every new investor excited. Also for those who want to make profit in a short period. However, when the market is in a volatile environment, the chances of immediate returns of any kind decreases significantly. In such a situation, we are telling you which rule you should follow at the time of investment.

Don’t judge yourself

Jyoti Roy, Equity Strategist at Angel Broking, says that you decide to give up your greed to increase your profits. Pay attention to the advice of portfolio managers and experts. Invest cautiously and thoughtfully.

Pay attention to dividend

Whenever shares are invested in a company, investors are eligible to benefit from the company’s good performance. When profits are made, companies often decide to share their profits with their shareholders. It is usually to share a portion of the profits, which they can save for the future.

A dividend is usually what the company decides to pay on each share you earn. Knowing the record of companies and their profit, you can make your investment decisions.

Focus on diversity

This is the most obvious measure investors should try. This gives them the security to remain in a frequently fluctuating market. High risk-taking investors view investments based on recent performance trends of the company’s shares. However, the advisor’s help can come in handy at the time of these decisions.

Invest in different instruments

The famous saying is- ‘One should not put all his eggs in one basket’. This is what investors should follow. A balanced portfolio can be created only if you invest your investment in multiple sectors. The market is going through economic turmoil. Investors’ sentiment is fluctuating. This is increasing uncertainty. It helps to get guaranteed returns if the portfolio is diversified.

Analyze companies

Information about the financial system should be obtained. Understand when to buy stock and when to sell. Understanding the average market trend can complete half the work for you. Investors often make the mistake of comparing sectoral trends, global economic outlooks, and company announcements. Many people do not know that a lot depends on the internal activities of the company.

Monitor company affairs

Understanding a company’s cash-flow, expenses, revenue, and its decisions are just a few of the many aspects that need to be thoroughly researched when people are ready to make long-term investments. It is better for the investors to consult their portfolio managers on such aspects, as it involves in-depth study.

Do not take betting-driven decisions

Often people benefit from betting and they make it the basis. Betting is not a good option to gain consistent returns. This can be harmful in continuous returns. Following market speculation and rumors can be a risk. One of the major methods of investment should also be known not to decide on news reports. It is essential that the company does not mismanage its portfolio in times of crisis and does not sell its shares by taking emotional decisions.

How and when to sell

Some investors have a greater willingness to take risks. They may have an enthusiasm for short-term trades. This can be important in increasing assets. Experts argue that it is more suitable for younger investors. These decisions are often associated with market fluctuations, not part of an industry or company’s long-term strategy. Even returns are not guaranteed, as it is like betting.

Those who invest for a long period should not make their buying or selling decisions based on short time market fluctuations or the price stability of a stock option. Mid-cap and small-cap investments should be kept in small proportions, keeping an eye on large-cap investments. In this way one should not make hasty decisions.


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