Piles (Hemorrhoids) Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies
Piles (Hemorrhoids) Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies

Often people do not talk openly about hemorrhoids. They find the disease a cause for embarrassment. At the same time, many people feel that the reason for hemorrhoids is not to take care of cleanliness, whereas it is not so. This disease can be caused by many health related problems. In this article of Stylecrase, we will explain about hemorrhoids in detail. Here you will get the necessary information related to the causes, symptoms and treatment of hemorrhoids. The home remedies mentioned in the article can help to overcome this problem. Also it is necessary to contact the doctor for the exact treatment of hemorrhoids.

Before proceeding, let us know who are the piles.

What is hemorrhoids – What are Piles

Hemorrhoids also called Hemorrhoids. These are the tissue filled with blood vessels (Tissue), which are present in the anus (anus) and at the end of the rectum. It helps in controlling bowel movement. At the same time, when talking about hemorrhoids, it means inflammation in these tissues, due to which they increase (1) . This type of enlargement of tissues gives rise to many painful conditions as symptoms of hemorrhoids, which have been described further.

Let’s take a look at the type of piles. Next we will also explain home remedies for piles, which can help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Types of Piles (Hemorrhoids)

There are two types of piles. One that is inside the rectum and the other that is outside the rectum. Let us know about them in detail (2) (3) .

  1. Internal hemorrhoids ( internal hemorrhoids ): It occurs at the beginning of the rectum and inside the anus. When the tissues become larger here, they can exit, which is called prolapse. The most common problem during internal hemorrhoids is bleeding during bowel movements.

Internal hemorrhoids are further classified based on their appearance and degree of prolapse, as follows:

  • Grade-1: Non-prolapsing piles
  • Grade-2: Prolapsing Piles (Tissue exertion during bowel movement and then return)
  • Grade-3: Prolapse piles requiring surgery.
  • Grade-4: Non-reducible prolapsing hemorrhoids, including acute thrombosed (enlarged hemorrhoids, which is very swollen and bleeding. Also leads to blood clots), non-aspirated hemorrhoids (painful and irritating hemorrhoids) Huh.
  1. External hemorrhoids ( external Hemorroids): This issue is out of the anus. There may be difficulty in cleaning the hemorrhoids affected area after bowel movement during this pile. Also, if a blood clot forms outside during this pile, it is very painful. This is called thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

Next on the type of hemorrhoids we are going to explain the cause and risk factors of piles.

Causes and Risk Factors of Piles – Causes and Risk Factors of Piles

We are telling you below (2) (3) (4) (5) what are the causes and risk factors of piles and piles :

  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Over-emphasis during bowel movements.
  • Often lifting heavy objects.
  • Sitting for long periods of time, especially in the toilet.
  • Some diseases, such as cirrhosis (liver disease)
  • Low fiber dietary intake.
  • Weakness of the rectal and rectal tissues, which occurs with aging.
  • growing old.
  • obesity.

Before taking home remedies of hemorrhoids, let’s take a look at its symptoms.

Symptoms of Piles – Symptoms of Piles

It is believed that the problem of hemorrhoids is not very painful, but if a blood clot is formed, they can cause a lot of pain. Below we are telling you some common symptoms of hemorrhoids (3) .

  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Itching in the anus
  • Pain in the anus, especially while sitting
  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Formation of one or more hard lumps near the anus.

Now we will talk about the domestic remedy of piles in detail. After this, we will also give information about how hemorrhoids are treated.

Home Remedies for Piles (Bawaseer)

Below we are telling you the home remedies for hemorrhoids, but before doing these remedies, make sure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients. Once done a patch test, it can be seen that there is no skin irritation or some other side effects due to this.

1. Sitz Bath

  • a bathtub
  • Lukewarm water 
Method of use:
  • Add about three to four inches of lukewarm water to the bath tub.
  • Now keep the affected part immersed in it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Keep in mind that do not put bath soap, bubble bath or any such product in the water.
  • This remedy can be done two to three times a day.
How beneficial:

Sitz bath is a type of therapy, which is done by immersing the anus (rectum) in warm water. It is believed that one can get relief from pain caused by piles during this bath. It is also recommended to take a sitz bath after the procedure related to the treatment of piles (3) (6) .

2. Witch Hazel

  • Witch hazel water
  • Cotton (as needed)
Method of use:
  • Soak cotton wool in witch hazel water.
  • Now place it on your anal area for a few minutes.
  • Three to four measures can be taken in a day. 
How beneficial:

Because of the antiinflammatory properties present in the witch hazel, it can be used to relieve irritation and inflammation caused by piles. However, there is not enough research to determine whether it helps in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel can also be used in creams used to treat hemorrhoids (7) (8) .

3. Tea Tree Oil

  • 2-3 drops of tea tree oil
  • A spoonful of olive oil
Method of use:
  • Add the tea tree oil to the olive oil and mix well.
  • Now immerse cotton in this mixture and apply it on the affected area.
How beneficial:

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce pain as well as relieve pain. It also has antiseptic properties, which can reduce the acute symptoms of piles. In addition, T-tree oil also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which may help prevent infection (9) (10) . An early study has also found that a gel composed of tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid can be effective in treating hemorrhoids (11) .

4. Aloe vera

  • Aloe Vera Gel (as required) 
Method of use:
  • Remove the aloe vera gel and apply it on the piles.
  • Let the gel sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If you wish, you can also drink a cup of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • This can be done once or twice daily.
How beneficial:

The anti-inflammatory properties present in aloe vera may be beneficial in relieving inflammation and pain (12) . Although not enough research is available regarding the use of aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids, the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has reported the topical (on the skin) use of aloe vera as safe (13) . Aloe vera ‘s use can be in hemorrhoid cream (14) . According to a research published on the NCBI website, aloe vera cream can also be used to help heal the pain after the operation of Piles (15) .

5. Coconut Oil

  • Virgin Coconut Oil (as required) 
Method of use:
  • Apply coconut oil to the affected area using clean fingers.
  • Apply it two to three times until the pain or lumps disappear.
How beneficial:

Coconut oil has antiinflammatory and analgesic properties. Both of these properties can help to cure piles as well as reduce inflammation (16) . In addition, coconut oil also contains antimicrobial agents, which can help kill bacteria and prevent them from growing (17) . There is a need to research whether coconut oil can be beneficial in piles or not.

6. Garlic

  • Three to four garlic buds
  • A cup of water
Method of use:
  • For external piles, peel garlic buds and boil them in water for 10 minutes.
  • Keep the water in the fridge and cool. Soak a piece of cotton in this water and keep it on the anus for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • For internal piles, peel and crush a garlic clove. Now keep it inside the rectum and leave it for overnight.
How beneficial:

The use of garlic is believed to help relieve hemorrhoids (18) . Actually, the compound called allicin in garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties can help reduce some symptoms of hemorrhoids such as swelling and pain. Can also prevent bacteria from growing. In addition, garlic also has antithrombotic properties, which can prevent blood clots caused by piles (19) . At the moment, there is not enough research on the benefits of garlic in piles. It is necessary to have a patch test before taking home remedy of piles.

7. Jatyadi Oil

  • 5-6 drops of olive oil
  • Lukewarm water
  • a bathtub
Method of use:
  • Fill one-fourth of the bathtub with lukewarm water.
  • Now add Jatadi oil to it.
  • Soak the affected part in it for five to six minutes.
How beneficial:

Jatyadi oil is often used as an Ayurvedic treatment to get relief from hemorrhoids and anal problems. This can help prevent internal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It also has wound healing properties, which can help heal wounds after the treatment of piles. In addition, it can heal wounds caused by hemorrhoids and prevent them from developing (20) .

8. Fiber-rich foods

One of the main problems during hemorrhoids is the problem of sewage. Bleeding also occurs due to the difficulty of not passing the stool. In such a situation it is necessary to include sufficient amount of fiber in the food. Eating a fiber-rich diet can provide some relief from hemorrhoids caused by constipation. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to consume about 30 to 35 grams of fiber in a day to avoid problems and problems caused by hemorrhoids. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains can be taken in fiber-rich foods (21) .

9. Tea Bags

  • One to two tea bags
  • A cup of hot water
Method of use:
  • Soak the tea bag in a cup of warm water for a few minutes.
  • Now take it out with hot water and let the tea lukewarm.
  • Then with the help of a piece of cotton, apply this tea on the affected area for five to 10 minutes.
  • Alternatively, refrigerate the tea bag by placing it in the fridge for a few minutes.
  • Now place it on the anus.
  • This process can be repeated two to three times daily.
How beneficial:

It is believed that keeping the T-Bag on the anus can provide some relief from itching and pain. However, no scientific research is available on this. A research published by NCBI has found chamomile to be beneficial in reducing inflammation (22) . In such a situation, people suffering from piles can use its tea bag, paste and tea to get relief from piles.

10. Black Seed Oil

  • ½ teaspoon black seed oil
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
Method of use:
  • Add black seed oil to the vinegar and mix well.
  • Now apply it on the piles affected area.
  • For constipation (which causes hemorrhoids), drink half a teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of black tea and drink it.
  • Decoction (with oil) can be drunk twice a day.
How beneficial:

Black seed oil also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties. These properties may help reduce symptoms of piles such as swelling and pain (23) . Along with fennel oil, sesame oil is also considered good for both types of piles (24) . You can use it for home remedy of piles. This may reduce Piles symptoms to some extent.

11. Green Tea

  • One to two green tea bags
  • A cup of hot water
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
Method of use:
  • Put the green tea bag in hot water for one or two minutes.
  • Now take out the tea bag and mix honey and lemon in it.
  • You can wash the affected area two to three times a day with it.
  • Green tea can also be used without honey and lemon.
  • In addition, you can place the used tea bag on the affected area for a few minutes.
How beneficial:

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are considered beneficial in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids (25) . Green tea has both these properties (26) . Therefore, it can be said that these properties can help reduce some symptoms of hemorrhoids such as swelling and pain. However, there is no research on how beneficial green tea can be used in piles.

After home remedy for hemorrhoids, we are talking about the treatment of piles.

Treatment of piles (Hemorrhoids)

Treatment of hemorrhoids includes (3) :

  • Over-the-counter corticosteroid eg, cortisone. This cream is given to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Lidocaine, to reduce pain.
  • Stool softener

Physician procedures include the following treatments (27) :

  • Rubber band Ligeshn (Rubber band ligation): doctor to treat internal hemorrhoids using this process. Internal hemorrhoids cause problems such as bleeding and prolapse. During this procedure, the doctors attach a rubber band around the piles. This band turns off the blood supply. With this help, the rubber banded part separates in about a week. This process should not be tried by itself.
  • Sclerotherapy: During this therapy, doctors inject a solution to treat internal hemorrhoids, which often causes the hemorrhoids to shrink.
  • Infrared photocoagulation: During this time, doctors use a device that directly injects infrared light into the internal hemorrhoids. With its help, the place of piles shrinks.
  • Electrocoagulation: During this time, the doctor sends an electric current to the internal piles using a device. The portion of the piles shrinks due to electric current.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: This is a surgery of hemorrhoids to remove the internal hemorrhoids tissue and prolapse. This is done only when the medicines do not affect the hemorrhoids. Doctors give anesthesia to make the patient unconscious during surgery before this treatment.

Along with knowing the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is also important to know about the ways to avoid it. Below, we are giving some tips to prevent piles.

Prevention of piles – Prevention Tips for Piles in Hindi

Piles can be avoided while staying away from the problem of constipation. For this you can try the tips given below (4) (28) .

  • drink plenty of fluids.
  • Eat fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Use stool softener.
  • Take fiber supplements.
  • Exercise to prevent constipation.

In the article, we have explained the cause, symptoms of hemorrhoids. If any person shows such symptoms, a doctor should be contacted immediately. Hemorrhoids can also be treated at home, which can help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but it would be advisable to contact a doctor for complete treatment. Also, if the problem is serious, please consult a doctor. Yes, home remedies for hemorrhoids can help in getting some relief from it. To prevent hemorrhoids and reduce its symptoms, the help of the preventive measures given in the article can be taken.


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