In the first interview of the Coronavirus round, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a big announcement about the Coronavirus Vaccine. He has clearly said that whenever the vaccine comes, it will be applied to every person. In spite of the current changing circumstances, he also showed the importance of the ‘New India’ vision across the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told in an interview to The Economic Times that how the lockdown proved to be effective in saving people’s lives. How fast is the economy coming back on track? He also told that after all, he is still strongly hopeful of the goal of a $ 5 trillion economy by 2024.

PM Modi’s reply to the critics: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a befitting reply to his critics, saying that those who only have to oppose the government at all times are saying anything, the vaccine will be given to everyone whenever it comes. He said that at the beginning of this vaccination campaign, people closest to the danger of corona will be included. This will include frontline workers fighting the war against Corona. National Expert Group is working on making the vaccine and the process of making the vaccine is still going on. Trials are going on.

On the track of the economy, PM Modi said that agriculture, FDI, manufacturing boom and sales of vehicles have increased in India. More people joining EPFO ​​are showing that jobs have also increased. India’s economy is on the path of recovery. On the improvement in the agriculture and labor sector, he said that now there is a big signal for global investors from India. He also explained in this interview how the new labor laws are extremely useful for both employers and employees.

He said that ‘It was often jokingly said that there are more labor laws in India than labor (work) in the formal sector, now a big change has happened.’ Said that India is fast moving towards becoming the center of ‘Global Manufacturing Hub’.

‘We are not someone’s choice, we are going to provide opportunity’ when asked how will China become an alternative in the global supply chain? He said, ‘Our aim is not to become an alternative to any country but to become a country that offers unique opportunities.’


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