What started in Wuhan is now a global epidemic. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that it is probably too early to declare it a universal pandemic, but countries should remain in full preparedness. The number of people who lost their lives in China is increasing. More than 77 thousand people are infected with Novel Corona virus. Thousands of infections have been reported in about 30 other countries. Iran and Italy have emerged as major centers of the disease in recent times. There are many ships full of passengers, which are stranded at sea. They have or may have corona virus infection. The impact on global transport and the economy is increasing with each passing day. Pressure is clearly mounting on the Communist Party of China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a hospital earlier this month and instructed to take decisive measures to combat the deadly corona virus outbreak. The Chinese President has also got his body examined in the hospital. Xi Jinping did not come out much after the outbreak of the epidemic and allowed the Prime Minister to do most of the work, but now the way his statements are coming, Xi has also changed his mind. The epidemic has emerged as the most serious crisis for ordinary Chinese as well as for the Communist Party and President Xi. The death toll has exceeded the number of SARS victims in 2002-03. Remember, China was subject to global criticism for hiding the SARS infection.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese government has forced millions of people to stay indoors, by locking up cities in Hubei province, cutting transport links from around the country, closing tourist centers. China is dealing with this disease in an unprecedented manner. Businesses have deteriorated in an attempt to secure major cities such as Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In a way, about 5.60 crore people have been isolated or kept under surveillance. However, these strict steps have been taken somewhat late and the weaknesses of the Chinese model of development have been exposed once again. The municipal government of Wuhan had initially hidden information, lacking transparency in giving information. Due to lack of timely information and preparation, failure to effectively control the virus took place. The complete promptness against the Novel Corona virus was to begin early, but it did not happen.

As a result, there is widespread anger against the Chinese government from the reactions being expressed on social media. There is also resentment over the death of Whistle Blower Doctor Li Wenliang. Dr. Lee was an eye specialist and he was the first to warn of the outbreak of Corona virus. Communist Party officials then tried to suppress the information. Ultimately, Li Wenliang himself succumbed to this virus. After his death, people strongly condemned the Chinese government, especially on social media, there was a lot of resistance. The credibility of the Chinese Communist Party and Xi has been shaken. Indeed, the arrogance of government officials is now shaking the system. These are officers who have tried to put forward their selfishness and allegiance to the party and in comparison have held back their responsibilities towards the people. Xi has many reasons to be worried, Because the epidemic will lead to economic slowdown. It is estimated that China’s GDP will fall by one to two percent this year.

Along with this, there are many other cases, which are impacting the Chinese economy. China is facing protests in Hong Kong, unfavorable election results in Taiwan, and tough steps from the US. The US trade deficit with China has decreased to $ 74 billion in 2019. Donald Trump’s tough strategy against China is showing some results. China’s ability to make quick and dramatic decisions and then implement them rigorously is seen as a totalitarian trend. The same policy is being used to fight the corona virus. The Communist Party is beginning to show seriousness. It is using this strategy to blame and mobilize resources at the local level. Death toll in China 1, After crossing the 000, several senior officials of the epicenter of Hubei province have been removed by the Communist Party. China’s largest anti-corruption agency is under investigation following the death and online anger of Doctor Li Wenliang. It is being ascertained how Hubei’s police treated Doctor Lee. The Communist Party must deal effectively with a disaster like the Corona virus to maintain its legitimacy or importance.

If seen as providing security and stability, it is more likely to remain a totalitarian regime. It is said that the Communist Party has used totalitarianism to increase its legitimacy in China. The initial lack of management of the corona virus will make it difficult for the Communist Party to maintain the pretense of effective governance. The crisis has also told the world that the alleged Chinese model is not what it is said to be. 
This transition will eventually come under control and will surely be demonstrated as the great success of the Xi and Chinese models. Meanwhile, it is also becoming clear that what the common Chinese have to pay to keep the Communist Party and Xi Jinping in power? 


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